Seven Vintage Cuts to Find at a Diamond Store

Top Seven Vintage Cuts to Find at a Diamond Store

Picking out the right engagement ring for your loved one is a special occasion. Before visiting a diamond store, you’ll want to know a few styles and designs of rings you like. Besides the band’s style, you’ll need to find the cut of diamond you want. Here are a few vintage options to choose from:

Vintage Diamond Cuts

Most diamonds were cut by hand, such as styles like Marquise, Princess, Pear, or Oval. These vintage cuts are rare, distinct, and original in design and style. You can ask your local diamond store to see these cuts specifically in the Victorian era or navette and marquise styles.

Mazarin and Peruzzi Cuts

These two cuts came out around the same time. They both had similar numbers of facets, and they are cushion-shaped. Mazarin cut was one of the first types of double cuts with various crown facets. The Peruzzi came shortly after. It helped to inspire the European cut.

Rose Cut

Rose cut diamonds were mirrored after the rosebud. The edges are cut so they create ridges, making the final result look like a flower. This diamond design is unique due to its thickness that most gems do not possess. It’s also flat on the back, allowing it to sit right into the setting. This is similar to the more modern circle diamond.

Old Mine Cut

Old mine cuts became popular in the mid-1800s. They were first hand-carved by miners. Each diamond has a unique design, providing a one-of-a-kind stone. These diamonds resemble today’s cushion cut but still have a vintage design original to each ring.

Old European Cut 

Old European cuts are similar to round diamonds. This type of cut has 58 facets and is considered a predecessor to modern designs. The shape of this diamond is a triangular block, while other cuts have thinner angles. 

Asscher Cut

The edges of this diamond provide an optical illusion. While the princess cut is similar in shape, these facets are cut into squares to resemble emerald rectangular cuts. The corners of the Asscher often look like an octagon with a higher crown and a smaller table surface.

Baguette Cut

The Baguette style resembles the Asscher, but the facets are more rectangular than square. While they can be a center stone, they also work well for the setting along the band. 

Finding the Right Setting for Your Diamond

Once you have decided on a vintage cut, you’ll want to find a setting that accents it. You can choose a simple style with just the stone on the band. There’s also the option of putting several smaller gems on each side or around the central stone. Vintage styles can also include shaped gold that resembles a rose or other design. The gems are set around the petals as accents. 

Vintage Cuts at Your Local Diamond Store

There are several things to consider when choosing an engagement ring. Your diamond store can help you decide which stone works best, along with the band and setting. Vintage stone cuts like old mine, Asscher, old European, baguette, and rose can provide a unique and original design. You can contact a jeweler today to learn more. 

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