Write For Us General Guest Post: Fundamental Rules!

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The crucial requirements that must be followed while contributing writings to the Cieldegloire team were detailed in the post Write for Us General Guest Post.

Do you want to write guest blog? People from all over the world are paying more attention to guest post content. Our Cieldegloire team extends a warm welcome to you if you’re a writer who aspires to be a published author and also has relevant expertise to impart to our readers. Because of this, the articles in Write for Us General Guest Post will undoubtedly be a useful resource for our readers, and we anticipate the writers will contribute to them.

Introduction to our website, Cieldegloire

Cieldegloire is among the popular news portal platforms that promise top-notch reviews and content. Many people have benefited from our reviews and material. Through our article General + Write for Us, we are also doing our part to raise people’s awareness.

Our staff of professional writers is committed to leveraging their expertise to deliver quality articles, and seeing our happy clients motivates us to work harder to produce more authentic content on;

  • Business 
  • Latest News 
  • Personality details 
  • Gaming and shopping suggestions  
  • Reviews of the website and products 
  • Business Tips 
  • Health tips

Desirable Essentials: Write for Us General

Individuals from many sectors might donate their efforts as we have provided the general topics. However, the participants should refrain from suggesting new themes. They should choose alternate and creative themes instead. In addition to being more educational, it must also be engaging.

  • Writers should choose a specific genre for their “Write for Us”+General. Any genre is acceptable.
  • We also encourage freshmen writers, but they must adhere to our rules in adding to their unique writing style.
  • Since we haven’t established any specific educational requirements, this opportunity is available to any interested aspiring writers.

Write for Us + General Example Topics.

As we have previously indicated, the subjects should be discussed in a distinctive, imaginative, and beneficial. We have listed some examples of general guest blog topics. Kindly review them

  • The reasons behind NFT’s demise
  • Future of cryptocurrencies 
  • New health concerns in the twenty-first century; 
  • Advice for sustaining mental health;
  • Guest post authors may choose a famous person to profile in the “Write for Us” + “General” posts and discuss their successful path, life lessons, etc.
  • Inspiring articles with case studies; 
  • Lucrative business concepts; 
  • Work-from-home opportunities
  • Amusing sports pieces with analysis;
  • As we have already stated that choosing the heading is very important, so keep in mind to select the perfect heading.

General Write for Us Guidelines 

  • Since the size of the guest post article depends entirely on its subject matter, the acceptable word counts range from 500 to 1000. 
  • Since all forms of piracy are forbidden, we ask the authors only to submit their original work. 
  • Writers  have to give a picture of their plagiarism percentage in the document Write for Us+General to ensure that the author may utilize the Grammarly application.
  • General articles need to have grammatically correct sentences.
  • Articles should not contain disrespectful language, unfounded assumptions, or mature subject matter.
  • Articles should be thoroughly researched and should contain all the relevant information.
  • Every industry is being impacted by technology, including the sphere of content creation. We are aware of numerous AI-enabled solutions available to write the full material. However, our staff firmly rejects any artificial intelligence (AI)-generated or copied content.

Useful SEO guidelines for “Write for Us” + General

  • While using SEO strategies, writers should avoid stuffing their content with irrelevant words simply because they’re popular online.
  • The right keyword density must be upheld, and keywords must be highlighted.
  • The percentage of spam should be less than 3%.
  • Once guest post articles have been completed to a 70% level, internal and external links must be employed.
  • Without fail, backlinks pertaining to the subject must be added

General + “Write for Us” Privileges 

  • The cieldegloire team fully appreciates the worth of each writer.
  • We have such a friendly and knowledgeable team who will assist the writer with questions about editorial or title recommendations. We have great monthly imprints and web rankings because many folks will access one‘s articles.

General guidelines for submitting General “Write for Us”  

All completed work must be sent to us at the [email protected] address. Additionally, authors can use this editing team’s mail address for ambiguous clarifications. They will make an effort to respond within 48 hours.


The Cieldegloire team demands sincere, high-caliber writing from all of its contributors. Our editorial staff will have exclusive rights to the articles chosen because it is our policy to alter the articles to meet the demands of our readers. Authors of Write for Us General Guest Post are not permitted to resell or reproduce the content submitted on other websites. And if you have any doubts, then make use of the above-mentioned email id to get in contact with us.

Do you like to contribute on our site general blog ? Please share your thoughts 

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