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Abby Choi Parents:- Abby Choi was a 28-year-old woman. She was a model from Hong Kong. She was accounted for missing on Tuesday and Friday 26 February 2023. Her headless body was found in a town house in Tai Po, a suburb of Hong Kong.

Her dissected body parts were cooked, and some were set in a cooler. Her body parts were unloaded due to a cash question with her ex’s loved ones.

Abby Choi’s Folks, Kin

Abby Choi Parents‘s folks’ names and profesion subtleties are not referenced at this point. She has two more youthful sisters whose name isn’t known.

Abby Choi Spouse, Kids

Abby Choi Parents was a separated from lady. She got hitched to Alex Kwong. Yet, they got separated. There is no informetion about when and where they got hitched.

She actually upheld her ex’s family monetarily in light of the fact that they didn’t have stable positions.

As of late, Abby and her ex Alex Kwong frequently squabbled in light of the fact that she assumed she was being cleared of cash.

Her ex Alex Kwong won’t go out to work and depends just on Abby Choi’s recompense.

A few reports guaranteed that Abby’s folks and current spouse offered a prize of 2 million HKD or $254,000 to find Alex Kwong, who is associated with driving Abby’s homicide.

The homicide is right now causing shock and shock in Hong Kong’s popular assessment. Abby’s appalling demise has sent shockwaves among fans.

Abby Choi Wikipedia, Age

Abby Choi was 28 years of age as of death. She was brought into the world on July 11, 1994, in Hong Kong. She as of late died at 28 years old. She was a notable

Abby Choi was Killed At 28 years old

On 24 February 2023, the Hong Kong press simultaneously revealed the passing of female model Abby Choi. Police reported that she was killed 3 days after she vanished.

The eviscerated body of the person in question, Abby Choi, was found in Longwei Town, Taipo (Hong Kong). Specialists said the executioner dismantled Abby and put her in a cooler.

As indicated by the police, they have captured 3 suspects including her ex’s folks and sibling. They are additionally searching for Alex Kwong (Abby Choi’s ex) on doubt of association in the homicide.

It is conjectured by the police that the intention behind the unfortunate episode might have been because of a contention over a measure of HKD 100 million or $12.7 million.

Abby Choi Identity, Ethnicity

Her ethnic foundation isn’t clear. She has a place with China identity.

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