Alice In Borderland Manga Wiki: Who Is Alice in borderland manga joker? Also Know Its characters And Reddit Discussion

Alice In Borderland Manga Wiki: Who Is Alice in borderland manga joker? Also Know Its characters And Reddit Discussion

In Alice in Borderland Manga Wiki, we will discuss why the news about it trending, what are the main characters and about Joker.

Have you watched season one of Alice in Borderland? Do you know season two has previously been delivered on Netflix? Is it safe to say that you are intrigued to see this prepare, or have you previously watched it?

Individuals Overall are discussing this season’s last episode, and everybody needs to be aware of Joker. All in all, what’s the significance here? Give us investigate Alice access Borderland Manga Wiki to know more exhaustively.

What is the most recent information?

It has been two days since the arrival of season two of Alice in Borderland, and individuals have previously begun discussing it. Netflix season 2 was delivered on 22 December 2022. The series depends on the Japanese manga series by Haro Aso. Shinsuke Sato coordinated the series’ most memorable season was broadcasted on Netflix on December 2020.

The story spins around three companions who are unintentionally caught in a neglected Tokyo. They had to play and contend in hazardous games. The trouble level to expand their “visas,” which, on the off chance that they run out, will bring about their execution by lasers terminated from a higher place.

What is alice in borderland manga characters?

The fundamental characters of Manga are:

Ryōhei Arisu, depicted by Kento Yamazaki, is a computer game fiend spend significant time in heart games.

Daikichi Karube, depicted by Keita Machida, is a secondary school understudy. He has no strength except for is a companion of Arisu and Chōta.

Chōta Segawa, depicted by Yūki Morinaga, is a Secondary School Understudy.

Yuzuha Usagi, depicted by Tao Tsuchiya, is a hiker having some expertise in spade games.

More characters of the series:

  • Saori Shibuki
  • Shuntarō Chishiya
  • Hikari Kuina
  • Kōdai Tatta
  • Akane Heiya
  • Ann Rizuna
  • Mira Kano
  • Isao Shīrabi

Who is alice in borderland manga joker?

At the point when we discuss the series, the game is addressed by a deck of cards where suits address the four sorts of games.

In the principal season, we see the numbers on the card. The higher the number reaches; the trouble level continues to increment.

While season 2 is supposed to manage the face cards. Be that as it may, in both, the season Joker appears to be missing. However, his presence in the last episode of season 2 recommends Joker can be a trump card section that individuals are anticipating. It affirms next season, Arisu and his companions enter not this present reality however another game.

More about alice in borderland joker reddit:

The Reddit conversation is continuing with respect to Joker. In the Manga, Joker is a mysterious figure who goes about as a kind of ferryman, carrying animals from the rest of the world to the Borderlands. After Arisu anUsagi effectively complete the Sovereign of Hearts game, the Joker shows up before them. It will be fascinating to perceive how the section of Joker changes the person in the following season.


We have examined the essential subtleties of alice in borderland, which the subsequent season will be delivered on Netflix on 22 December 2022. Joker is a section individuals are more amped up for. You can peruse the Wikipedia of alice in borderland here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.On what stage was Alice in Borderland delivered?

It was delivered on Netflix.

2.What was the delivery date of Alice in Borderland?

22 December 2022

3.Who coordinated this Netflix series?

 Shinsuke Sato

4.What is the story synopsis?

The story depends on three companions caught in a vacant Tokyo. Later on, they found that they needed to play hazardous games to make due.

5.Who is alice in borderland manga characters?

The principal characters are Ryōhei Arisu, Daikichi Karube, and Chōta Segawa, who are the three companions.

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