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This article provides information regarding the Axia Merah Viral Twitter and tells the readers about the facts behind the video and the couple.

Are you looking for information on the viral video of Axia Merah? Video of Axia Merah is trending on the internet, especially in countries like Malaysia and other Asian parts. Many users want to know the facts behind the video.

Therefore, if you are one of them and want to know about the Axia Merah Viral Twitter video, check out the article until the end.

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Why is the Axia Merah video trending?

In the Axia Merah video, it is seen that a couple is making out in the front seat of the car. A local person records the whole incident of their activities. The video gets viral on the social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and more. 

Is Axia Merah Full Video available?

The readers can find the links related to the video on Twitter and other platforms. However, it is not sure whether or not the redirecting page is safe to use. The full video is around 20 seconds long; every user wants to know where to find it.

The police arrested the couple on April 6, 2023, when the video got viral. There’s a local man who recorded the whole incident. However, no one knows how the video got viral on the internet. 

The reaction of the police

The Johor Couple in Malaysia was caught while intimating in a car in daylight which gets viral as Axia Merah Viral Twitter. A man interrogates the couple for stopping the car on the side. The man in the car said that the girl was feeling sick and he was helping her.

When the video got viral, the police took strict action against the couple and arrested them immediately. As per the Malaysian police, the man is 22 years old, and the female is 17. 

More information about the couple

Everyone on the internet wants to know more facts about the couple in the video. It is clear that they are arrested by the police for the video and violating the rules, but there’s not much information available.

The car model is Perodua Axia, and the Axia Merah Viral Twitter was recorded in Johor Bahru. The police do not reveal the names and other personal information regarding the couple. 

What are the netizens’ reactions?

Viewers are not happy with the incident that happened in the video. Everyone wants the police to take strict action against the couple so that these incidents won’t happen again. 

These public activities are unsuitable for young children and give the wrong impression on their mindset. However, other readers make fun of Axia Merah Viral Twitter and pass funny comments.

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Final Words

The Axia Merah video is getting the users’ attention, and police took the necessary action to avoid these incidents in future. 

What are your views on the viral video? Please comment below.

Axia Merah Viral Twitter– FAQs

1: What is the name of the man in the video?

A: The identity of the couple is not disclosed by the police. 

2: What was the model number and car number in the Axia Merah Video?

A: The car is known as Axia. However, the number plate is not visible.

3: What is the age of the couples in the Axia Merah Viral Twitter video?

A: The man is 22 years old, and the girl is 17 years old.

4: Did the police arrest the couple?

A: Yes, the couple is in detention and arrested by police on April 6, 2023.

5: Is the Axia Merah video available on Reddit?

A: Yes.

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