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The article explains the person who put the cat in the blender and whether the police caught him. Check the details by reading Cat in Blender Real Video Footage.

The cat in the blender went viral on social media. Still, the topic is trending online due to the man’s assault towards the cat. The video was a trend Worldwide, and the people who love animals scolded the person behind it. Get more information about the Cat in Blender Real Video Footage in this article.

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What was the name of the person who did this cruelty?

 The sources indicate that Xu Zhihui is a food blogger. A police officer arrested him. The blogger specializes in Chinese food. Through the use of a blender, he tortured an innocent cat. After watching it, several people shared their reactions to this video on both Tik Tok and Twitter. The Chinese police have arrested the food blogger who shared a video of a cat being blended on Reddit and Twitter. However, the police have yet to confirm that they arrested him. The Cat in Blender Twitter Original Video was removed due to policy violations. 

What was the name of the person who did this cruelty

About Zhihui

Official information about the arrest was not yet confirmed. The people are in anger and ask why they are intentionally harming animals. Zhihui is from the place of Anhui. His videos are on the apps Bilinili and Weibo. The police caught him due to posting inappropriate content online. Assaulting the cat is a major crime. People have considered the footage frightening since it was originally posted online. Chinese Man Puts Cat in Blender, and he was only the man who was shown in the video.

Information about the popular cat video

According to other sources, the video was shot in China or another Asian nation. Others believe that the blender has Chinese writing on it. However, there is no proof that the video was made in China or that the appearing person is Chinese. Extremely horrible video. People immediately attack both the video and the person who made it. As a result, the day it was posted online, it was trending. Many people are looking for video with incorrect keywords as it becomes increasingly popular. Thus, the search ” Bestgore Cat in Blender” is also gaining popularity.

The information in the article was gathered from reliable sources. We do not promote any negative details. All the information is for general purposes only.


As per online sources, the original video of the cat in the blender is available on a few sites. In many places, the video was restricted due to the assautive content. The content is scary, and it disturbs people who watch it. Xu Zhihui was the person who did this and posted it on online platforms. Know more information on the person online.

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FAQ – Cat in Blender Real Video Footage      

Q1. Do you think the original video was available on the online platforms?

No, the video was not available online due to the disturbing photo.

Q2. What do you think of the video, whether real or fake?

We are unaware of it since there was no evidence proving it was fake.

Q3. How many persons are shown in the video?

Only one person was shown in the video.

Q4. What is the use of talking about the video of a cat in the blender?

Speaking about the video states that people are against cruelty towards animals, and justice is needed to avoid such things.

Q5. Who was the person behind the cruelty?

Xu Zhihui was the name of the person.

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