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This article on Connor Sturgeon Girlfriend was written to give you brief information on Connor.

Who is Connor Sturgeon? Who is his girlfriend? Why are people searching for his girlfriend all of a sudden? Did something happen to her? The news about his girlfriend is going viral in the United States and Canada. Are you willing to find out more information about them? If yes, you are at the right place. Detailed information about   Connor Sturgeon Girlfriend will be given below, so kindly read this article till the very end to acquire all the latest knowledge. 

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Who is Connor Sturgeon? 

Connor is a 25-year-old man. Not much information has been given about his personal life on the internet. As per sources, he was said to be an employee at a bank in Louisville. The latest information we have found about him is that he wrote a note to his loved ones before going to his job on a Monday morning. The latest reports state that he has been going through some health issues. The 25-year-old man killed five people and injured eight on that Monday morning. The cause behind this action is still not known, Louisville police are still investigating this matter.  

Connor Sturgeon Body cam 

The bodycam footage of Connor was released by the Louisville police that day. The police confronted and shooted Connor. This incident in Louisville shocked and scared the people living over there. This is not a normal incident; it is considered terrifying murder.  The police also found out that Connor had called his friend earlier saying that he planned to kill everyone at the bank. He has shot 13 people in total which is hilarious. Five of them have lost their lives which is very heartbreaking and terrific. 

Is Connor Sturgeon Alive

Connor was shot by the Louisville police that day after they released the bodycam footage from the Louisville bank mass shooting.  The weapon that he used was a gun. As per the police, that weapon will be auctioned to the public. He started his attack around 8:30 am. This incident happened at the Old National Bank downtown. He had been working in that bank for the past year.  He live-streamed his attack on Instagram himself. The video has now been removed from the platform due to community guidelines. This incident has been very scary and ominous. 

More about Connor Sturgeon 

Many people are searching for Connor Sturgeon Girlfriend after this incident spread all over the world. Who is his Girlfriend? As per the information he does not have any girlfriend. A lot of police officers also got injured in the incident. Conor died at that spot. The local people are very scared to go out after this has happened. His family is in shock and they are extremely saddened as well. The people were very curious to know about his girlfriend, everyone was searching for Connor Sturgeon Girlfriend on the internet. We found that he has no girlfriend and was not dating anyone. 


As we have read above, Connor has killed five people and has left nine in a serious condition. He was also shot by the police and he died on the spot. To know more about him, kindly click on this link 

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Connor Sturgeon Girlfriend – FAQs 

Q1. Who was Connor Sturgeon? 

He was a 25-year-old boy. 

Q2. Did he shoot 13 people in the bank? 


Q3. Where did this incident take place? 


Q4. Did someone die? 

Five people were shot dead.  

Q5. Is he alive? 


Q6. When did this shoot take place? 

10th April 2023. 

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