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Connor Sturgeon LinkedIn write-up has discussed a shooting incident at Louisville Old National Bank.

Do you know about the gunman who opened a firearm at Old National Bank Louisville, Kentucky? The Monday morning mass shooting in downtown Louisville, United States, has left five dead and nine wounded. 

The attacker, Connor Sturgeon, opened fire at his colleagues as employees were getting ready to open the branch to the public. The attack video went viral in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom before it was removed from the platform. Connor Sturgeon LinkedIn has details on the gunman and links related to the incident.


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Louisville Mass Shooting Leaves Five Dead:

An ex-employee of Old National Bank, Louisville, opened fire at bank employees, leaving five dead and nine injured. The incident took place at 8.30 in the morning and was also live-streamed by the attacker on social sites. As some news reports suggest, Connor Sturgeon joined the bank in 2021 after three summer interns and was fired a few days ago.

Joshua Barrick, Deana Eckert, James Tutt, Juliana Farmer, and Thomas Elliot are the five victims killed in the mass shooting. Nine people are being treated at the local hospital.

Who is Connor Sturgeon Kentucky?

Who is Connor Sturgeon Kentucky

Some news reports suggest that the 24-year-old employee knew he would be terminated from his job before leaving for the bank on Monday. He also left a note for his friend that he would open fire at the bank, but only a little is known about this message. 

Connor social media profile states that he interned with the Old National Bank for three years, from 2018 to 2020, and joined the bank in 2021. The University of Alabama spokesperson stated that Connor graduated in December 2020. He completed both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finance from the University at the same time.

Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video:

The Louisville Metropolitan police department confirmed in a press meeting that the shooter was live-streaming the incident on some social sites. The company owning the media platform released a statement saying “it removed the live streaming of the unfortunate incident quickly” It also mentioned the handle of the attackers had been taken down.

According to the Meta Company, the live-streaming video is now with the Louisville police department. Some online reports also suggest that the shooter messaged his friend that “he is feeling suicidal and will blow up the bank.” Some screenshots of Connor’s Instagram account are circulating online with lewd comments.

Connor Sturgeon Twitter Videos and Images:

The Louisville shooting incident is trending on Twitter with keywords like #Louisville, #ConnorSturgeon, #NicolasWitt, and #LouisvilleBank. These keywords depict different aspects of the mass shooting, like victims, shooter identity, and the reason that led to the unfortunate incident. 

Some videos of an encounter between the shooter and police are available on this platform. Most of the shooter’s social media accounts are removed from the social sites.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The Louisville mass shooting has left five dead and nine injured, while people debate to control this menace at the earliest. Should the federal government bring the gun control law? Please comment.

Connor Sturgeon LinkedIn: FAQs

Q.1 What Louisville police said about engagement with Connor Sturgeon?

Police said they have no previous engagement with shooter Connor.

Q.2 What is the name of a police officer injured in the Monday shootout?

The police officer injured in the Monday shootout is Nickolas Wilt.

Q.3 Did the shooter write a note to friends and parents before the attack?

Yes, the shooter left a note for parents and friends before the attack.

Q.4 How did a fellow banker describe the personality of shooter Connor?

A fellow banker described Connor Sturgeon as having personality having a monotone personality.

Q.5 How have people reacted to Connor Sturgeon Reddit Shooting?

The recent shooting at Old Bank has left people shocked and terrified. 

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