{Updated} Die Wilde Veganerin Leaks: Check Full Details On Die Wilde Veganerin Instagram

Latest News Die Wilde Veganerin Leaks

Die Wilde Veganerin Leaks has been a hot topic recently; learn details about the topic here.

Do you know who Raffaela Raab is? What does the phrase ‘Die Wilde Veganerin’ mean? Why is Raab trending on social media? People are trying to locate the details about Die Wilde Veganerin Leaks; in this writeup, we will study the topic deeply. This topic is a hot search in countries like Austria and Germany.

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Information on Die Wilde Veganerin Scandal

The phrase “Die Wilde Veganerin” is in German language and it means ‘The Wild Vegan.’ An activist Raffaela Raab is famously known as Die Militante Veganerin. A vegan activist with a substantial following on her Instagram and other social media account has recently been surrounded by controversy. A mature video has gone viral, and people claim that Raffaela is the girl in the video. In the video, the girl can be seen engaging in explicit acts with a male. 

Details on Die Wilde Veganerin Instagram

She is famous on Instagram with the name ‘Die Militante Veganerin,’ which means ‘The Militant Vegan’ in German. She has over 50000 thousand followers, and Raab follows only 260 people. As per her posts, she looks like a fun and bright person. In her bio, she has provided links to her other accounts. Anyone can visit her profile as it is public and visit other accounts as well.

She has 65.5k subscribers and over 400 videos.

She has a 2.7 rating out of 5 on Facebook. She posts almost similar content on Facebook and Instagram.

More Information on the Trending Topic

The keyword Die Wilde Veganerin Leaks has been trending because Raab is allegedly seen in the explicit video. In the video, only the female and the male are visible. Some people on social media claim that it is Raffaela. But there is no evidence to support this rumor. No official statement has been made by the activist, even after persistent rumors. She was seen posting regularly on social media but never talked about the controversy.

As per sources, Raab’s official Wikipedia page has been removed recently. In addition, a model, Alexandra Bastidas, named ‘Tofubunnygirl’ on Only Fans,

is been searched with the trending topic Die Wilde Veganerin Leaks. The reports claim she is under Venezuela’s police custody for involving in illegal video leaks. 


Raffaela Raab, a Vegan activist, has recently faced an unfortunate incident where she was allegedly connected to an intimate viral video. People on social media started claiming that it was Raffaela. But there was no proof that it was Raab, and fans supported her. The name of ‘Tofubunnygirl’ is Alexandra Bastidas and she is trending with this news. For more details, visit

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Updates on Die Wilde Veganerin Instagram: FAQS

Q1. Who is Raffaela Raab?

A1. Raffaela Raab is an activist who works for the Vegan community. 

Q2. What does the trending keyword mean?

A2. The phrase ‘Die Wilde Veganerin’ means ‘The wild Vegan.’ This keyword went viral because people thought Raffaela Raab was in the intimate video.

Q3. By what name is Raffaela famous?

A3. She is famous for the German phrase ‘Die Militante Veganerin.’

Q4. Was Raffaela in the explicit viral video?

A4. According to the reports, it was not Raab in the viral video.

Q5. Who leaked the Die Wilde Veganerin Leaks video?

A5. As per sources, a model on Only Fan, Alexandra Bastidas leaks such video but nothing is clear.

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