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Today’s article on Die Wilde Veganerin Reddit shows the thoughts shared by the animal welfare and vegan activist who is often opposed to some opinions.

Do the Militant Vegan is well-known for online animal welfare campaigns? Is she a vegan activist? Are her campaigns controversial?

People from Germany and other regions who know Raffaela Raab recognize her for her online campaigns for animal rights. However, a few users find it controversial. So, let us check more about the vegan activist and all information associated with Die Wilde Veganerin Reddit.

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What about it is shared on Reddit?

The vegan campaigner and supporter of animal rights, known as “The Militant Vegan,” is Raffaela Raab. The vegan crusader or activist is the subject of conflicting opinions as her thoughts are controversial.

Many users share their opinions about her on Reddit, Twitter, and other networks. Some defend while others oppose the statements made.

Who is Die Militante Veganerin?

Animal rights advocate Raffaela Raab, also known as “Die Militante Veganerin,” has a sizable following, particularly on TikTok. However, despite having a large following, “The Militant Vegan” has received harsh criticism and is currently a hot topic, as the statements have offended after the thoughts in Die Wilde Veganerin Videos.

On TikTok, the “Die Militante Veganerin,” Raffaela Raab has more than 464,400 followers and millions of viewers on her videos. On YouTube, where Raffaela has nearly sixty thousand followers, her subscriber counts are also rising.

Does the vegan activist use social media to express her views?

The vegan activist Die Militante Veganerin uses her social networking platforms to advocate for animal rights. With the catchphrases “Live VEGAN instead of BRUTAL!” and “SPECIESISM = RACISM,” she educates onlookers about veganism, animal welfare, and industrial farming while walking down the street.

Besides receiving support from Robert Marc Lehmann, the marine biologist, and environmentalist, Raab has already talked about veganism in many YouTube videos with popular YouTubers. 

Alicia Joe, a YouTuber, recently stated about Raab in a Live video, “In much of the stuff Raffaela states, she’s completely correct,” while others oppose, as mentioned in Die Wilde Veganerin Only.

Are Raffaela’s statements controversial?

Even though many people favor Raffaela Raab and her advocacy for animal welfare, “The Militant Vegan” also repeatedly is offended. She is claimed to be inciting others, insulting them, and occasionally goes very deep with the comments.

Besides, Raffaela frequently compares assault or the Holocaust. She rarely invites non-vegans to participate in the talks and shows no pity for those who “solely” followed a partially vegan or vegetarian diet in the past.

Does Die Wilde Veganerin Videos irritate and enrage people?

In January 2023, TiltedFloste, the YouTuber, made a clip about the activist and exposed some information that damaged her image. He demonstrates how she made claims contradicting many opinions on the biggest Discord server speaking in German. Nevertheless, her strategies are highly debatable.

Die Militante Veganerin Wikipedia:

  • Real name- Raffaela Raab
  • Age- 27 years
  • Nationality- Australian
  • Profession- online campaigns for animal welfare

Social media links:


Raffaela Raab, also called the Militant Vegan or the Die Militante Veganerin, is known for her animal welfare campaigns. However, some of her opinions are controversial, making people oppose and distance themselves from her. 

Do you oppose or promote Die Militante Veganerin? Share how you judge such activists in the box below.

Die Wilde Veganerin Reddit: FAQs

Q1. Who is Die Militante Veganerin?

Animal welfare activist

Q2. How is the activist widely known?

The Militant Vegan

Q3. Who does Die Militante Veganerin not support?

Flesh-eating animals and transgender people

Q4. Which YouTubers have distanced themselves from Raffaela Raab?

Kayla Shyx and AlphaKevin

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