The Digital Business Card Era: Why You Need It

Complete Information About The Digital Business Card Era - Why You Need It

We’re living in a modern age; the age is digital. Every aspect of companies is becoming modern and digital, so why not our tools for promoting that company? Gone are the days when you had traditional paper business cards. Remember those things? You’d have to get them in bulk and hand them to people you meet. You had to carry around 10-12 of them daily and ensure enough. 

Now, all those worries are over with the new age of digital business cards. What are these, and why do you need them? Everything will be explained in this article.

They pack more of a punch.

Many things need to go into a limited space when designing a business card. This is not the case with digital business cards. Here you can fill in everything from the person’s portfolio, samples, associated brands, short intro videos, and practically anything you want. 

Even though the space is the same, it is still the same small card, but the amount of data it can hold is massive. You will put in any data that perfectly presents you or your brand on the card. 

They are more cost-effective.

Remember when you needed to print our 100 physical paper cards? Not anymore. With digital cards, you only need 1-2 or a maxim of 4. You are not handing them out anymore; you are just sharing the information. Digital business cards use NFC, which shares the data on the card with the receiver’s phone. This way, you never have to give the card away. All you need is one card and a backup. 

They make a better impression.

There was a time when traditional paper cards were the best way to make an impression. Today, pulling out a digital business card makes a statement about you as a businessman and your company. It tells the other person that you are modern and embracing the digital age.

They are more durable.

When it comes to traditional paper cards, they are not durable. You would need to carry them in a special box; they were perishable in time or due to water. Modern digital business cards are not. Since they are made from plastic or a polymer, they can withstand much before showing any signs of wear and tear. This adds to their longevity which also is a plus because you do not need to make new ones.


As we mentioned, you have quite a lot of space on a digital business card. You don’t have to worry about running out of space or what you can put on it. You can add your resume, portfolio, testimonies, links to your social or website, etc. Some business cards come with a link to cloud storage, giving you ample space to send videos or audio to people via the touch of your card. This helps make a better impression. 

Simple to use

This is not a contrasting point between traditional and digital cards. They both handle the same. The point to elaborate on is the usability of digital business cards. They handle just like the traditional ones. You do not need to learn new things to use them. Most are simpler than ever. You can tap the card on the receiver’s phone and transfer the data to their screen.


Yes, these cards are eco-friendly. Today, they are being produced with recycled material and do not harm the environment in their creation. Traditional paper cards require paper from wood to be created. Digital business cards do not. This is great for companies that want to go green or positively impact the world.

Easy to update

Once you print a business card, you must be ready to print it out again when the simplest things change, such as your phone number or email. You need to redesign your card and have them printed out in bulk again. Now, that is not the case with digital business cards. You don’t have to keep printing them out. You just need to update the information inside them. 


The best part about digital business cards is the need to carry one. You can use the same card to give your information to one person or a room of 100. It doesn’t matter how many need it; your single card can handle it. 


If you want your business to represent the modern age, then digital business cards are what you need. They make a statement and are easy to use. They are cost-effective and easy to update. You will not have any issues when you compare them to traditional business cards. 

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