Football Write For Us Guest Post: Read About These Pointers To Produce An Influential Article!

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The articles offer writers advice on how to write very credible and genuine Football Write for Us Guest Post articles in a more polished manner.

Are you a person who is deeply interested in analysing football games and the performance of football players? Can you share your sports interest in the form of Football Write for Us Guest Post online writing? Then a Powerpack guest blogging opportunity is waiting for you. 

Introduction to our website “”

We have connected people worldwide to our forum because our Football + Write for Us platform can give everyone the leverage; they need to access our content. Anyone from any nation can access our authentic content. 

Football Write for Us articles Preferred Educational Qualifications and Experience

Football is the global game that unites the nation under television, so it is more than sports and a good way of expressing patriotic behaviour. Hence, football articles will be used to have lots of readers, which is why so many articles are emerging on the internet at the same time that some fake news is also spreading. Thus, our “Write for Us”+ Football blogging platform resolves to create the ones that are 100% authentic.

So, we need the ones who can make our resolutions come true.

To carry over this topic, we are not expecting only football professionals to attempt this guest blogging opportunity; football fans can also share their interests.

Experience: if the interested person has any writing experience, it will be an extra credit. 

Write for Us Football articles Reference topics

Writers are free to choose their topics, but they have to ensure those topics will stir up their interest. We have more competition for football articles, so to shine among the crowd, choosing the correct topic will help us achieve it.

  • What are the interesting tricks to hitting goals in a football game?
  • “Write for Us” + “Football” writers can also discuss the rules and regulations of football games more simply.
  • Football players’ updates: here is the most important point: writers should not choose a topic related to rumours or love scandals.
  • What are the teams that are getting more attention in recent games?
  • Inspiring and encouraging biographies of football players

Write for Us + Football articles Guidelines

  • Word limit: 750 to 1500. Writers must pay attention to the article’s length; don’t submit too lengthy or too short articles.
  • The articles need to be written in such a manner that they respect the views and interests of football fans.
  • Don’t pass negative comments on the players or any other national team.
  • Write for Us+ Football article should be presented in a presentable manner because if it looks like a hefty article, readers may get bored reading it, so add interesting trivia facts, fun facts, etc.
  • The article should possess only the correct form of grammatical sentences; writers shouldn’t commit any mistakes.
  • Plagiarism is the most unethical activity, and our team won’t support it at any cost; thus, don’t submit any copied works to us.

“Write for Us” + Football articles SEO best practises

  • The article’s content must contain the desired keywords; if possible, highlight them.
  • One target keyword must be present approximately once per 100 words.
  • The article’s conclusion must include both external and internal hyperlinks.
  • Please refrain from submitting articles whose spam value exceeds the 5–6% threshold.

Advantages for Football + “Write for Us” writers

  • On our website, we also provide a newsletter option that will send content to subscribers promptly through the mail.
  • Our online presence is on social networking sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We frequently post the articles in our forum to spread their popularity and reach a larger audience.
  • Every one of our articles has been SEO-optimised for obtaining a top position in Google searches.

Football “Write for Us” articles Rules for submission

The written work must be professionally presented by choosing Microsoft Word or Google Documents rather than submitting it in PDF or other notepad formats. Please send it to the following mailing address [ [email protected]]


So far, we’ve covered every important point to remember while writing a guest post. Please believe us; these rules are more formal and simpler to follow. Thus, we request that interested Football Write for Us Guest Post candidates adhere to the guidelines before emailing us their Football articles work. We appreciate your time spent reading this content.

Are you all prepared to showcase your writing skills to us? Comment on it.

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