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Did you hear about the murder of an under-aged girl in Hohenhain village near Freudenberg? The news spread across European countries, including the Netherlands. The killing involved a 12-year-old victim, another 12-year-old girl who was the killer, and a 13-year-old girl who had assisted in the killing. 

However, the assassins may escape the punishment as they are under-aged. Hence, 150K+ people signed a request to amend the law so that the killers get punished. Let’s check the German Bullying Video.


German Girl Bullying Video:

The video of bullying circulated on social media extensively. Two specific videos on TikTok gained 500K views as people wanted to see how the German girl was tortured. Additionally, thousands of people signed the request to change the criminal responsibility age from 14-years in Germany so that the two killers could get punishment. It increased the interest of people to view the related TikTok videos.

Content of the video:

Many social media content creators took advantage of the situation. The videos circulating on social media show a fake clip of bullying. The videos included a picture of a girl getting bullied. The presence and circulation of Luise’s bullying video on Telegram are undetermined. The image was edited with the text stating the German girl was tortured; coke spilt on her. The videos were a form of PPT to MP4 file.

About the incident posts Viral On Reddit

There was no evidence that a video was taken while bullying the German girl. It is because the German girl visited Anna-Marie Hoffman’s house on 11th/March/2023. Anna-Marie Hoffman is 12-years old. Later, Luisa Halberstadt joined them. Halberstadt is 13-years old. 

Three of them went to a nearby isolated forest where Anna and Halberstadt bullied Luise Frisch, the 12-year-old victim. No Luise’s bullying video was present on Twitter.

Luise was stabbed 32 times, her face was covered with a plastic bag, and later she was hit with a stone. Halberstadt and Anna returned home after the murder, called Luise’s mother, and informed her that Luise would return soon. Halberstadt was later picked up by her father. In the whole process, NO video was filmed! No Luise’s bullying video was present on Youtube.

Confession regarding Luise’s murder:

Luise’s family reported her missing to the police. The police conducted a search operation with the help of sniff dogs, helicopters, and drones. They were able to locate Luise’s dead body on 12th/March/2023. Anna and Halberstadt were interrogated, and both gave different statements. 

As per sources, on 13th/March/2023, Anna confessed to killing Luise. Anna said they had to kill Luise as she would report her bullying to her parents. No Luise’s bullying video was present on Instagram. Halberstadt informed that she was forced to assist Anna.

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Luise was born on 29th/August/2010. She was 12-years, 7-months, and 14-days old. People of Hohenhain village, populated by approximately 18K, were devastated by the incident. Pictures and identity of Anna and Halberstadt were also circulated on the internet. Hence, security was provided to their family, who were moved to a different location.

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German Bullying Video – FAQ

1Q. Is Luise’s bullying video original footage?


2Q. Where is Luise’s bullying video easily accessible on the internet?

Luise’s bullying video presentation is available on TikTok.

3Q. How were Luise, Anna, and Halberstadt related?

They were classmates from Esther-Bejarano comprehensive school, Freudenberg.

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