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This article on Halka Arz .com will provide you with all the details about this public investment program and walk you through the application process.

Is it true or not that you are know all about Turkey’s venture environment? Numerous Türkiye Individuals are keen on putting resources into this climate. The application interaction for the Halka Arz of the Kuzu Gathering is turning out to be more smoothed out because of the functioning connection among Akbank and Klgyo.

This Halka Arz .com momentous cooperation permits financial backers to effortlessly investigate the potential through Ak Venture accounts, introducing another time of available speculation valuable open doors.

Disclaimer:- This article covers general data concerning the collaboration among Akbank and Klgyo, as well as Kuzu Gathering’s first sale of stock. For right data, perusers are encouraged to counsel official sources and outlines. Choices about ventures ought to be taken after cautious pondering and conversation with monetary specialists.

Application for Public Contributions Simplified Through Arz .com

Financial backers hoping to buy Halka Arz from Kuzu Gathering currently have a new open door in Türkiye. Through Ak Venture accounts, Akbank and Klgyo have improved on the application interaction for public contributions.

  • The public contribution cost for this offering is 88.76 TL.
  • The book-building dates are scheduled for August 14, 15, and 16.

How really do individuals present an application for Klgyo Halka Arz Akbank?

From the Make Speculation Tasks – Public Contribution Exchange stage in Akbank Portable’s Venture and Unfamiliar Trade menu,

  • Beginning with the stage stamped “Akbank Web – Venture Administrations – Public Contribution,”
  • Akbank Client Correspondence Center (444 25 25/0850 222 25 25),
  • The nearest Akbank or Ak Speculation Office is where you can present an application for a public contribution.
  • Send your Initial public offering application straight now effortlessly!

Alternate Approaches To Login

On the off chance that you have lost your secret word or don’t have a stock record, you can in any case play out your exchanges and present an application for an underlying contribution

  • By squeezing “Get Secret phrase” alongside “Open Value Record” on Halka Arz .com.
  • You can sign in to Akbank Web utilizing your client number, TR ID number, or Visa data.

Straightforward and Fast Participation Enlistment

  • Download the Akbank portable application,
  • Inside the application, click the “I want to turn into an Individual from Akbank” button.
  • Somewhere in the range of 8:00 and 1:00, place a fast video contact with our client correspondence focus.
  • When you join Akbank, you can quickly start doing the entirety of your banking exchanges.

The Public Contribution Excursion of Kuzu Gathering

The Capital Business sectors Board (CMB) has allowed Kuzu Gathering and Klgyo Halka Arz Akbank to exchange on the Borsa Istanbul Yldz Market. Kuzu Gathering and Klgyo Halka Arz Akbank are notable for their new development projects. Financial backers have shown a great deal of interest in this endeavor.

A few choices For Kuzu Gathering’s application

There are multiple ways for financial backers to partake in the public contribution of Kuzu Gathering. The Halka Arz .com Financial backers can now consider their choices as the interest assortment technique for the Initial public offering has begun.

The KZGYO share code was authoritatively endorsed, and interest has expanded because of Kuzu Gathering’s structure tries, especially those in the Istanbul Ataköy region. The cutoff times for applications are set on August 21, 22, and 23, 2023.

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Akbank’s organization with Klgyo lays out a point of reference for worked on open contribution applications as Türkiye approaches the fate of effective money management availability. Ak Venture ensures a basic system for potential financial backers as a result of its long history. The public contribution of the Kuzu Gathering transforms into an entrancing an open door for improvement and association in the changing monetary scene. 

Would you like to contribute also? If it’s not too much trouble, remark.

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