How did Brittany Hightower Die? What has been going on with Her?

Latest News How did Brittany Hightower Die

How did Brittany Hightower Bite the dust?:- Brittany, a 22-year-old Texas-based lady, was a sickle cell frailty patient who established a

non-benefit association called Kill the Sickle Cycle to advocate for the illness.

Brittany worked for the American Red Cross of More noteworthy North Texas. Brittany was owned up to the John Peter Smith Medical clinic in Houston on December 24, 2022, in the wake of having a serious stomach issue.

In this blog, You Will Find out About How did Brittany Hightower Passed on? What has been going on with Her?

How did Brittany Hightower Pass on?

Brittany passed on from her sickness seven days after the fact on January 1, 2023. Brittany’s relatives blamed the emergency clinic and police for racially charged carelessness and misuse, saying Brittany might have been saved with ideal clinical mediation.

The family, which lost both Brittany and Brittany’s mom inside merely weeks, is requesting equity for her demise.

At the point when Brittany was brought to the trauma center, Brittany was set in a detachment ward in consistence with the medical clinic’s Coronavirus conventions.

Be that as it may, rather than getting clinical consideration, Brittany was approached to leave the medical clinic premises to “counterfeit” her ailment and was released without reason.

What has been going on with Her?

The difficulty began when Brittany Hightower was owned up to the emergency clinic in Houston on December 24, 2022, with serious stomach torment.

Brittany was determined to have sickle cell pallor and was kept in disengagement due to Covid conventions.

In any case, rather than getting appropriate clinical consideration for Brittany’s condition, apparently she was exposed to boisterous attack by the emergency clinic staff.

Brittany begged the staff yet was rejected treatment and the clinic police were called to eliminate her.

In a video shared on TikTok by her relatives, two cops can be heard telling the staff “didn’t need her there” and to quickly leave.

An authority said: “They would rather not treat you at this moment, for reasons unknown. That isn’t anything I have to do with.”

Brittany Hightower Tribute

Brittany’s tribute in 2022 and the demise were broadly looked online by individuals who knew about the passing. Concerning why the emergency clinic would not treat Brittany, reports say that She had a past clash with an enlisted nurture.

Clearly, from that point on the medical caretaker despised Brittany and didn’t completely accept that she was truly wiped out. In spite of Brittany crumbling wellbeing, Brittany was exposed to boisterous attack by staff and police at the emergency clinic.

Brittany’s family accepts that the two sides intentionally wouldn’t help her for racial and antagonistic reasons. Following Brittany’s troublesome demise, Britney’s family is looking for responsibility from the clinic for the occasions, which is probably going to prompt lawful charges against them.

Brittany’s demise is viewed as the aftereffect of clinical carelessness and might have been effortlessly stayed away from with satisfactory consideration.

Who Was Brittany Hightower?

Brittany is the pioneer behind the local area sickle cell or sickle cycle. A big part of Brittany’s presents were connected on “stop mental maltreatment” and since she is a TikToker, Brittany was very well known locally.

As the organizer behind Sickle Cell, Brittany partook in their discussions and was in many cases a functioning member in their psychological well-being live streams.

Brittany likewise runs a page @slay.the.sickle.cycle. Unfortunately, Brittany died on January 1, 2023, a couple of days after Brittany’s mom died.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Was Brittany Hightower Wedded?

Ans. Indeed, She was Hitched.

Q.2) What was Brittany Hightower renowned for?

Ans. She was the pioneer behind the local area sickle cell or sickle cycle..

Q.3) When was Brittany Hightower Conceived?

Ans. Her Was Brought into the world in 1996.

Q.4) What was Brittany Hightower’s dad’s name?

Ans. We have no data about her dad’s name.

Q.5) How old was Brittany Hightower at the hour of her passing?

Ans. 22 Years of age.

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