Is CustomWritings Legit and Safe?

Is CustomWritings Legit and Safe Online Website Review

Many students view their writing as a real challenge, and it’s pretty understandable. If you’ve been looking for an essay writing service that will satisfy your needs, you might have found CustomWritings. Known for years, it’s still an unknown topic to the people who are new in the market and don’t want to be the victims of a fraud. So, let’s figure this service out together. Is it worth it? Would your order be safe with it? 

Let’s Meet CustomWritings: A Legit Writing Service

Everyone’s afraid of falling for the wrong service, but we want to get it right off the bat that this one’s 100% trustworthy. Here’s why.

  • Years of experience. The official website of the company suggests that CustomWritings has been helping students since 2005. As you might imagine, it wouldn’t be working for so long if it was a scam.
  • Lots of positive reviews. If you’re unsure about the service, another easy way to make sure that the company you’ve chosen is good is to look for the reviews on Trustpilot or This professional service has hundreds of reviews that you can easily track back to even a decade ago. What’s more important, there should be reviews of the verified users. 
  • Responsive support team. The most striking feature of an unreliable service is the inability to contact them in any way. For instance, if you want to call their support team, you can’t find any number or a chat button. There are plenty of ways to contact CustomWritings’ support specialists: email, phone, and chat. 
  • Many completed orders. The official website claims that it has more than 900,000 orders done for its clients. A lot of people have also spoken about CustomWritings online, and we’ve also ordered a few papers to make sure that this service is real. 

Finding a Good Service Can Be Difficult

Finding a Good Service Can Be Difficult

Everyone hopes that they’ll find a service that will offer them custom made papers without being scammed, but today, we’ve faced an issue of a rapidly developing technology. A lot of people can’t keep up with the dangerous and challenging online spaces. Did you know that 77% of scams today happen on social media, online marketplaces, and dating apps? That’s a terrifying dynamic that illustrates how we tend to overlook our own vulnerabilities in the world. 

Some people believe that they are protected because they have an antivirus or any other protection software. But quite often, scammers fool people by offering them some services and asking them to pay in advance or sending false links. In other situations, the criminals get access to your phone number and, pretending to be a worker of any marketplace, ask for your credit card or personal data they can use to steal your money or identity. 

There are plenty of websites that trick you into paying more or losing your personal information, and it’s better not to risk it. Although many cybersecurity measures have improved the sense of safety most people feel when browsing online, the situation is constantly changing. So if you don’t have more time or experience to make sure that you can find a professional essay writing service, CustomWritings is your safe bet. Sometimes there’s no time for search, and in our opinion, there’s zero reason to waste your time looking for something else if you’ve already checked out this company. 

What Makes CustomWritings Safe?

Several features distinguish this website from other writing services with a weaker safety procedure.  

  • Safe registration. Some companies require you to fill out all information about you, including your phone number. If you want to have some level of privacy and not to have your telephone number disclosed, you still can register. However, some customers have mentioned that they weren’t contacted on time because they didn’t provide their contact information. But that’s not a service problem: you can still check emails and the website. 
  • Secure connection. The website uses secure encryption to make sure that you can visit them without fearing for your personal information. We didn’t find anything problematic here.
  • Safe payment process. The website has a protected payment process. in the F.A.Q. section, the company mentions that the support specialists never ask you for a customer’s credit card via phone. Also, you will receive a confirmation for your payment once you proceed with a payment. 
  • Revision and money-back guarantee. If the initial instructions aren’t met, the writer will revise the paper for free. And if the situation is entirely bad (which the website claims is quite a rare occasion), a specialized department will review each case individually. These people will return the money to a client if the claim is justified. 
  • No personal information. Your writer won’t have any information about you aside from your country. So, whenever you will receive help from them, they will only see the instructions and your messages to them. What’s even better, the website’s support team will check if you’ve left any personal info and delete it before your files are sent to a chosen professional. 

Be Attentive When Looking for a New Service

Be Attentive When Looking for a New Service

Some features can help you understand whether the website you’re visiting is a good one or not. For example, look out for any serious grammar or spelling mistakes. Could you buy a paper from a service that makes errors on its official page? CustomWritings doesn’t have any troubles with that, which gives it plenty of bonuses. 

Furthermore, the design should be modern. If the company didn’t bother to spend some resources on making sure that their web page is easy to use and appealing to its target audience, what does it say about it? We love the simple and user-friendly interface of CustomWritings that redirects you to the necessary category whether you want to look through everything, contact the support team, or place your essay order online. 

Moreover, the website must be realistic and don’t offer you too cheap order propositions. If you’ve got a two-page paper for $3, you’re being scammed. It’s either a very low-effort paper or a false business. Make sure to imagine any paper writing service as any other shop. High quality has its price, and affordable doesn’t mean “free.” 

Become a Loyal Customer

Now that we’ve reviewed CustomWritings and have offered you several guidelines on finding a good paper writing company, you can decide for yourself whether it’s the service you like. We’re happy to announce that this website deserves the attention of anyone looking for quick, affordable customer help. 

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