Is Social Rebel Legit (Sep) Consider Reviews

is social rebel legit

Want the answer to the question Is Social Rebel Legit? Read the content and clear your doubts about this money-making app now.

The digital world has opened many gateways to earn money. But at the same time, it has allowed the scammers to capture the users’ account details and get a hold of them. At present, the popularity of the Social Rebel App is gaining the attention of the people in the United States and Nigeria.

So, to make our readers aware of the same, we are here to share today’s content. But, first, let’s explore what different methods the app offers to earn real money and try to answer the most crucial question Is Social Rebel Legit.

What is Social Rebel?

It is a money-making app that allows users to earn money by generating traffic on the portal, inviting friends, posting opinions about the app, and performing testing. The working of the portal can be justified in the three steps, which are as follows – 

  • Visit the official website and make your account. You can get $50 as a signup bonus.
  • Share your invite link with friends and earn $2 for every click and $ 20 for each signup.
  • Withdraw your funds through PayPal, the Cash app, or Bitcoin.

Is Social Rebel Legit? The simplified procedure to add money to the account may compel users to think about its trustworthiness. So let’s explore more details to find the answer!

How to withdraw money from the Social Rebel?

Firstly, check out the apps that work in combination with Social Rebel and make your account on any one of them. Then, add your details to the app. 

Once the procedure gets completed, cash earned will be shifted to your account. So, to make your transactions, you will have to tap the withdraw tab.

Is Social Rebel Legit?

  • This money-making app was established by the two businesses men, Chad Evans and Ralph R. Lawson, in 2018.
  • The users of the app have posted negative reviews online.
  • At the time of cash-out, such portals demand to complete the paid surveys or download other applications for which you have to pay money first.

It is absolutely a scam website that earns the users’ trust, and when they start investing their time, money, and effort into it, the company used to run away. Thus, proving it to be a fraud.

What are customer reviews about this application?

Is Social Rebel Legit becomes clearer by knowing the negative comments shared by the users. After wasting a lot of time on the app, people are disappointed by not even earning a single penny. 

Though some positive comments are also shared, if you earn money today from this website, it does not mean that such profits will be offered in the future. Moreover, at the time of checkouts, the company doesn’t even answer customer queries.


The rise of  internet fraud  these days has given upliftment to fraudulent sites like a social rebel.

By sharing our final verdict on Is Social Rebel Legit, we consider the website a scam, as the company’s business model is bogus and does not offer money to the users. 

What are your opinions on this application? Comment and share with us.

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