Jones Tom Memorial: Who Is Jones Tom? Explore Information On His Songs Delilah, And His YOUTUBE Account Details, Also Find Details On Tom Jones Memorial 2023

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This article on Jones Tom Memorial was written to give you brief information about Jones. 

Who is Jones Tom? Is he famous? What does he do? Why are people searching for him online all of a sudden? What is it that is getting him famous? The news about Jones is going viral in the United States and Canada. People from there are eager to find out more information about him. Are you one of them? If yes, you have ended up at the right place. All the correct information about Jones Tom Memorial will be given below, so kindly read the article with your attention. 


Who is Jones Tom? 

Jones Tom is a singer from Las Vegas. Sir Thomas Jones Woodward is also known as Jones Tom. He is a very famous Welsh singer. He is popular for his singing skills and much more. The famous artist began his career in the year 1960. Fans described his voice as a full-throated, baritone, and robust voice. The famous singer was born in Treforest, Wales on June 7, 1940. He was married to Linda Trenchard and has two children. Besides singing he has also been a part in some films as an actor. 

About the Jones Memorial 

The Jones Memorial was held on 14 April. Many events took place which were very astonishing and incredible.  The event started at 1 p.m. on the 14 April, which was followed by Men’s 200m race and more. Races from 200m to 1500m, relays, and other athletic events took place in the memorial. 

Sir Thoma Jones YOUTUBE 

Thomas was born on 7 June 1940. The famous singer started his career in singing and has reached heights. Jones is known for his amazing music. He has about 493k subscribers on Youtube. He has grown pretty old now but it does not fade away his shine. He has gained an immense amount of fame and popularity. His Songs have been pretty famous all around the world. He became the frontman in 1963 for Tommy Scott and the Senators, a Welsh group. The group eventually became famous and later started recording solo tracks, which went viral as well.  

Tom Jones Memorial 2023 

The Tom Jones Memorial was supposed to be held on 14- 15 April 2023. The memorial was held in Gainesville, Florida, the United States. The memorial was held all day long in James G. Pressly Stadium, people from Florida were very excited about the memorial. Also, the Jones Memorial Invitational was live-streamed on SEC Network on 15 April. The order was posted on the internet before the memorial began. The event started with the men’s Hammer Throw at 1.00 pm, results have not been posted yet. As per the information, results will be out soon on the respective websites. 

More about Tom Jones 

As we have read above, Tom has managed to build a career for himself where he gained a lot of fame. Tom has gone through a lot of difficulties in his journey. As per sources, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the age of 12 and luckily survived. His song Delilah is very famous all around the globe among all his other songs. He has won many awards till now which has brought him a lot of popularity and success. He has scored a string of hits on most of his songs.  


Jones had a very beautiful yet difficult journey in his singing career. He first performed in Las Vegas at the Flamingo and since then he got famous. Jones has two children whose identities have not been mentioned. To know more, click on this link

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Jones Tom Memorial FAQs 

Q1. Who is Jones Tom? 

Jones is a famous singer. 

Q2. Where was he born? 

He was born in the United States. 

Q3. Who was he married to?

Melinda Trenchard. 

Q4. At what age did he get married? 

He was married at the age of 17. 

Q5. Is his wife alive? 


Q6. How many children does he have? 


Q7. How old is Jones? 

He is 82 years old. 

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