Kuki Women Viral Video: Why Kuki Women Paraded Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Find Details Here!

Latest News Kuki Women Viral Video

The article provides the details of the Kuki Women Viral Video, why the video gathered people’s attention, and the details of the incident.

Did you actually run over a video streaming through electronic diversion showing two Kuki women? The event happened in Manipur in B Phainom town, and people from India and the US were paralyzed to find the video streaming on the web.

This article will discuss the Kuki Women Viral Video and give complete information to our perusers. Keep on scrutinizing the entire post.

Disclaimer-We don’t want to cause the sentiments and to feel horrendous of people related with the news. The news gave here is taken from online sources.

Revives on the Kuki Women Video

The video orbiting on the web has paralyzed people, and it is from Manipur. Reports recommend that the two women walked uncovered, and one transformed into a setback from genuine assault. The news spread like rapidly, and as per the reports, the event happened on fourth May 2023 when the struggles began in Manipur.

Is the video Viral On Reddit?

The video became viral by means of electronic amusement stages, including Reddit, but as it was inappropriate, the channel dispensed with the video from the site. The recording contained express cheerful, which is unsuitable for watchers to watch. It is disastrous to find such treatment with genealogical women; unfortunately, people can’t help them.

Kuki Women Walked Absolute Video

Various accounts are accessible online with blue-penciled pictures, and people can find the video in darkened structure. The YouTube video shows a couple of men walking around the two women and they brought them into a field.

People’s reaction on Twitter

On running over the video, people kicked back the entire event and mentioned serious action against those individuals for Miss acting with the two women. The episode collected thought on Instagram, and people shared the video on various stages.

Is there any TikTok interface saw as on the web?

The event occurred on fourth May, and people charged a FIR against the dark miscreants. The news caused a topic of conversation, and people have shared the associations on Wire channels.

Online amusement joins


The Manipur video of the two women has stunned people, and there are requests on why there was a delay of 2 months opening about the episode. The assessment is advancing, and we will invigorate the article with extra reports. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happened in Manipur with the two women?

They walked uncovered in the city.

  1. Who were the wrongdoers related with the offense?

They were a couple of dark scalawags.

  1. What did the police specialists give a record of the matter?

They said they were putting forth a fair attempt to catch the blameworthy gatherings.

  1. What various charges are made against the group?

They need many houses in the consistent clash.

  1. What has been the deal with the kin of the individual being referred to?

The group barbarously killed him.

  1. Were the women tribals?

To be sure.

  1. Why did the fierceness begin?

The tribal get-togethers mentioned to give arranged faction status to the Meitei social class.

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