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Latest News Lance Maloney Obituary

Lance Maloney Obituary write-up details a Richland County artist whose death shocked netizens.

Are you a Richland County, Wisconsin, United States resident planning to visit Richland Art Center for a theatre performance? The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe were returning to the theatre after its first-weekend success, but the unfortunate death of Lance Maloney led to its postponement. The show scheduled for 7th and 8th April is postponed until further notice.

The Richland County Arts page has shared an obituary emphasizing that the theatre light must go dark in honour of the artist. Lance Maloney Obituary details the life and achievement of the fine artist.


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Richland County Artist Lance Maloney Passes Away:

The young artist named Lance Maloney passed away on 6th April 2023. The actor was to participate in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe show scheduled for this Friday and Saturday. His untimely death has forced the theatre community to postpone the show that was a success at its first weekend.

The theatre community member Bill Prash shared this message on the Richland County group page on Facebook. 

Lance Maloney Biography:

Lance was a Richland Center, Wisconsin resident and completed his schooling at Richland Center High School in 2012. He completed his degree education from Richland University in 2014 before joining the work the same year.

Maloney worked as Lathe Operator and sales representative at Verizon before starting his career as a banker. He was currently working with Royal Bank and Pizza Hut in different shifts. Most of his fans on social sites remember him as a fine artist. We do not have much information on his Parents and personal life.

Social Media Reactions on Lance Maloney Demise:

Lance was a local artist, and people from his area witnessed his theatre performance in different shows. As Lance was present last Friday for the theatre performance of the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe show, many audiences met him in person. 

Most termed the death of Lance as tragic and described him as a gentle giant fun loving person. Some described his death as shocking as he died at the young age of 28.

Lance Maloney Death Cause:

Lance shared a post two days ago in which he discussed his hospital visit and chest pain. The doctor recommended an ER, but nothing substantial came into the report. He also mentioned the names of some medicine that didn’t relieve him. 

Most problems were solved, but chest pain continued to trouble him. The post shared on Facebook has eleven comments.

Lance Maloney Wiki:

Name  Lance Maloney
Date of Birth  August 1994
Nationality  American
Profession  Banker, Theater Artist
Marital Status  Single
Place of Residence  Richland Center, Wisconsin
Father  Troy Maloney
Mother  Kathleen Maloney
Sibling  Not known
Died on  6th April 2023

Social Media Links:


Lance Maloney fans and friends have shared their thoughts on the Facebook page of the artist and Richland County Arts community. 

Have you seen any theatre performances of Lance Maloney? Please comment.

Lance Maloney Obituary: FAQs

Q.1 Which other artist of the Richland County community died recently?

Michelle Goebel of the Richland County community died two days ago.

Q.2 What is the name of some co-artist working with Lance Maloney?

Clare Hying, Daniel Dean and Clancy Hying are some of the co-stars of Lance Maloney.

Q.3 What is the Net worth of artist Lance Maloney?

No details available.

Q.4 Was Lance Maloney present on the Twitter platform?


Q.5 What symptoms was Lance having before his death?

Pain in the chest, neck, and spine, with numbness in his hand.

Q.6 Did details on Lance’s appearance, like weight, Height & More, available online?

No, we found no personal appearance on the digital platform.

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