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Know about Maribel’s Funeral news!

Julian Figueroa, a ballet singer and son of Maribel Guardian, died on 9th April 2023. Maribel also shared the funeral details of her son and decided to keep it composed and private. After Maribel’s son’s death, the Maribel Guardia en El Funeral news trends online.

Maribel Guardian shared a mourning post on Instagram. She stated in the post that she is sorry to announced the news of her beloved son Julian Figueroa’s death. We have provided all the necessary social media links below.            

How did Julian Figueroa die? 

Maribel Guardian disclosed that her son Julian died of acute myocardial infarction & ventricular fibrillation. The emergency responders took action after they found Julian unconscious in his room.

Maribel Guardia en El Funeral news & his obituary!

Maribel said they want to keep the funeral private and with their close one. Also, various media channels, friends, and fans paid tribute to Julian on Social media.

CBS News, a media channel, shared Julian’s Obituary on Twitter. They stated in the post that a Mexican ballad singer named Julian Figueroa died at 27 years. His mother announced his death.

Know about his family!

After knowing, Maribel Guardia Funeral know Julian’s family details too.

  • Parents- Maribel Guardian & Joan Sebastian.
  • Siblings– Seven Siblings (name not known).
  • Children-Jose Julian Figueroa Garza.

Is Julian Figueroa married?

According to sources, Julian Figueroa was married to Imelda Garza Tunon. She is a model and an actor. Julian and his wife got married in 2017.

Check Julian’s Wiki!

We have mentioned Maribel Guardia’s Funeral details above. Here is Julian’s Wikipedia details below.


Real Name Julian Figueroa.
Profession Singer, Composer and Actor.
Date Of Birth 02/05/1995
Birth Place Mexico City.
Wife Name Imelda Garza Tunon.
Marital Status Married.
Zodiac Taurus.

27 years.

A Reddit user shared a post related to Julian’s Obituary.  He stated in the post that get all details of Julian Figueroa’s funeral here.

Check Julian's Wiki!

Know his Nationality & More!

  • Nationality-Mexican.
  • Ethnicity- White.
  • Religion- Not Available.

Check details on Julian’s Career and More!

We have already discussed Maribel Guardia Funeral above.

  • Early Life- He was born in Mexico City and spent his childhood there.
  • Career- Julian was a singer and an actor. He made his acting debut in 2013.
  • Education Qualifications- He went to college, but his educational qualifications are unavailable. 

Details on His Height & More!

  • Height- 5ft 8 inches.
  • Weight- 69 kg.
  • Death- 9/04/2023.

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Maribel Guardia FuneralFAQs

Q1. Where did Julian die?

AHe died in Mexico City.

Q2. What was Julian’s cause of death?

He died of Heart Attack.

Q3. When is Julian’s funeral?

AThe date is not disclosed.

Q4. Who will be there at Julian’s funeral?

Only his close ones.

Q5. How old was Julian at the time of his death?

He died at 27 years old.

Q6. Who shared Julian’s Obituary first?

His mother, Maribel Guardian, confirmed first.

Q7. Where is Julian buried?

Details for the same are not available.

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