Paul Peden Linkedin: What Are The Recent Updates From The Love is Blind show? Check Full Details On Show From Twitter, Instagram, And Reddit post

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In Paul Peden LinkedIn, we will discuss the most talked about couple in the season finale and what happened.

Are you following Love is Blind season 4? Who has now become your favourite couple from the show? Do you like the love chemistry between Paul and Micah? Have you any idea what happened in the last episode that aired yesterday?

Love is Blind season four has huge fan followers across the United Statesand people often look for an update on the show. Let us get more details through the post on Paul Peden LinkedIn.


What are the recent updates from the Love is Blind show?

Paul and Micah have seen the confusion about their connection, although Micah has accepted Paul’s proposal in episode two of the season. However, as the season proceeds, they meet their new crushes but finally decide to focus on each other. In the finale on April 14, Micah was allowed to say, “I do.” However, she chose not to answer at first and left it to Paul to express himself.

But Micah’s decision not to say “I do” at the end of Love Is Blind was turned out to “best one” as Paul ultimately decided not to marry her. According to Paul, he doesn’t think they can choose each other right now.” The couple had a sudden finish at the end of the season. Paul eventually seen comforted Micah as she was devastated after his reply. But is that mean the end of their relationship forever?

Who is Paul?

Paul Peden is 29 years old New Orleans native scientist specializing in the environment. He has a remarkable social media presence. Paul has a personal and official Instagram account as well as you can follow him on TikTok. He entered the Love is Blind pods to look for a nurturing kind of woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty for a seafood boil in his native.

Who is Micah?

Micah Lussier is 27 years old marketing manager who has not found her true love before coming to the Love is Blind season. According to Micah, her worst habit is overthinking and romanticizing. Before coming to Netflix, she said she wanted career-oriented and smart men who enjoy having fun. Micah wanted to date in a non-traditional way.

 A quick Wiki to Love is Blind:

  • It is a dating reality show on Netflix.
  • First debuted on Netflix in 2020.
  • Created by Chris Coelen.
  • Season: 4
  • Theme: a group of single men and women fall in love and get engaged without ever meeting in person.
  • Hosts: Nick and Vanessa
  • No of episodes: 48 (total)
  • Season four premiered date: March 24 2023.


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People discussing on Twitter one of the surprising decisions the couple made on the finale of the Love is Blind show. They are Paul Peden and Micah Lussier. Paul and Micah are not continuing after Paul say, “No.” We hope you enjoyed watching the show, and so did reading this article. You can get complete information on all seasons of Love is Blind here.

Who are the married couple still together from previous seasons? Do name them in the comment section below.

Paul Peden LinkedIn- FAQs

Q1. What is Love is Blind about?

Love is Blind is a dating-related TV reality series streaming on Netflix.

Q2. Who is Paul Peden?

He is one of the single contestants on the show who found his love as Micah. 

Q3. Who is Micah Lussier?

Micah is one of the contestants of the Love is Blind show.

Q4. Are Paul and Micah together?

According to Reddit news, they had been together till the last day, but on the wedding day, Paul said No; therefore, they are not together.

Q5. Who are all together?

Tiffany Pennywell & Brett Brown, Chelsea Griffin & Kwame Appiah, and Zack Goytowski & Bliss Poureetezadi are together.

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