Paulina de Allende Video: Why Periodista Getting Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Check Youtube & Twitter Links To Know Now!

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In the given article, you will get all the controversial details of Paulina de Allende Video. Also, find current action on Paulina.

Have you had the controversial live reporting of a Chilean reporter? What did Paulina say in her life reporting? Why is the General of Carabineros upset with Paulina? The controversial report came to the public from a famous reporter in Chile. The live news also caused the Blunder in Argentina and the United States.

The video of Paulena went viral on social media, and people are trolling her for insulting a dead cop. Find complete detailed information on Paulina de Allende Video from this article.


About the controversy

During a live report, a Chilean journalist Paulina de Allende said something inappropriate to the dead police officer. Paulina was recording a live session in contributing condolences and talking about the death of a police officer. In a statement, she needed to address the police officer, but she called the “death of paco.” 

In the Chilean language, the word Paco means a group of police officers. Paulina de Allende Periodista, intention was to mention that she felt bad for the death of a police officer and give her condolences. However, by mistake, she made a statement about the death at the police station. The General of Carabineros demanded a channel to evict her if they wanted to continue the live session.

Viral On Reddit

The controversial statement raised fury publicly, and they started trolling the reporter on Reddit with memes. The defaming memes and social media posts brought Paulina into LimeLight. Moreover, people are looking for the statements of the General of Carabineros. 

In the Twitter report, he mentions that he is upset with the way she interpreted the death of police officer Pako. 

It is very shameful that Journalists are not respecting the authorities. Paulina started to clear her name from the brawl. She replied that it was by mistake and did not intend to defame anyone. She also uploaded an apology post on her Instagram handle.

Public Reaction 

Police and the public are disturbed by this statement of Paulina. The video of calling the dead Officer Paco got millions of views on social media. At the same time, some people are deeply upset with the statement and are demanding permanent eviction from the new channel. While some people support her, it can be said by mistake. A Paulina Paco video was trending on TikTok. 

She also confronted multiple news channels and meetings to share her apology and clarify her thoughts. 

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Final verdict

A Chilean reporter, Paulina, gave an irrelevant statement during the live reporting. The general of Carabineros is demanding her resignation from the new channel. Paulina clarified her statement in a YouTube video of calling dead police officer Paco. In addition, people are sharing her viral video on social media.

What is your opinion about the aggression of the General of Carabineros? Comment below.

Paulina de Allende Video: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Paulina de Allende?

Pulina is 53 years old.

Q2 Did Paulina call the dead cop paco by intention?

No, she has no intention of calling him Pako, but she did that by mistake to quickly wrap up the show.

Q3 What is the full name of Paulina?

Paulina de Allende-Salazar Leon

Q4 Where did Paulina used to work as a reporter?

She resigned from her previous new channel TVN.

Q5 Can we fetch the Paulina controversial video on Telegram?

Yes, you can get the video on Telegram accounts.

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