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Pearson Gold Heist Airport write-up has summarized the details of the recent high-value robbery at Toronto Airport.

Did Canada witnessed its biggest robbery in recent times on Monday from Toronto’s Pearson Airport? Is some organized crime group behind this cargo robbery? A gold heist worth $ 15 million took place from Pearson Airport on 17th April 2023. 

The Peel regional police officer briefed the media on Thursday on the gold heist but refrained from giving other details. The high-value theft has attracted the attention of netizens in the United States as they debate the exact valuation of Pearson Gold Heist Airport.


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Gold Worth $ 15 Million Stolen from Pearson Airport:

The Peel Regional police officer Stephen Duivesteyn informed media on Thursday that a container carrying gold worth 20 million Canadian dollars had been stolen. He added that the plane carrying the gold landed at the Airport in the evening, and the container was transported to the cargo facility.

The police inspector emphasized that the cargo was moved to the holding facility according to the standard air cargo unloading procedure. Police suspect that cargo carrying gold was removed illegally while it was transported to the cargo facility.

Who Owned the Gold Stolen From Pearson Airport?

Police have not given any specifics about the gold heist and termed it a “rare crime” that does not impact normal public safety conditions. The investigating officer gave no details on the ownership of the gold, and neither did they share the destination of the robbed cargo. The police team is three days into the investigation and feels it is too early to share essential details.

Most of the Canada cargo is handled by Pearson Airport, and goldmines from northern Ontario ship their bullion through this Airport. Some gold mining companies may own the gold, but investigating team is quiet on the gold ownership of Gold Stolen From Pearson Airport.

Pearson Gold Heist Investigation:

The Peel Regional Police is the prime investigating agency looking into the Monday gold heist. It is also getting support and cooperation from officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Greater Toronto Airport Authority has clarified that police are actively investigating the case.

GTAA confirmed the Gold heist report but blamed the third-party service that looks after the warehouse and is beyond the air authority security lines. It further added that this theft does not show a breach of Pearson property area and is not a threat to airport passengers or staff. 

Is Pearson Gold Heist Airport Valued at $ 100 million?

Some reports circulating on social media sites have valued the Monday gold heist at $ 100 million. According to our research, this report is incorrect as the local police have given a figure of 14.8 million United States dollars or 20 million Canadian dollars. The local police confirmed that the container was 5 square feet in size but didn’t disclose its weight.

The robbed container also contained valuable items other than gold. The police are quiet on an airline that shipped the cargo and refused to share the “source” of the shipment.

 Is the Gold Stolen From Pearson Airport Highest in Canadian Heist History?

It could be the biggest heist in Canadian history as the previous heist of syrup in 2011-12 is valued at Canadian dollar 18.7 million. The syrup heist at the Quebec storage facility weighed 3000 but had a lower value than Monday’s gold heist. 

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Final verdict:

The Peel Police is investigating the high-value gold heist at Person Airport, and Stephen Duivesteyn and his team want to solve this theft. The 1953 10-box gold bar theft from Pearson Airport remains a mystery for the investigators. Will history repeat itself, or Duivesteyn and his team will solve the recent gold heist? Please comment.

Pearson Gold Heist Airport: FAQs

Q.1 What is the old name of Pearson Airport?

Malton Airport was renamed as Pearson Airport.

Q.2 Which Airline is involved in Monday’s gold heist?

Some reports suggest that Air Canada is involved in the 17th April 2023 gold heist.

Q.3 Which products were primarily targeted for high-value heists in the country?

Gold, priceless photograph, and maple syrup were the main products targeted in high-value heists.

Q.4 Who masterminded the 2011-12 Maple Syrup heist the Quebec?

Richard Vallieres masterminded the Great Maple Syrup Heist. 

Q.5 What keywords related to Pearson Gold Heist Airport are trending on Twitter?

The keywords like #Pearson, #Canada, #GoldHeist, #Crime, and #PearsonAirport are trending on Twitter.

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