4 Ways To Make Playground Equipment Accessible

Top 4 Ways To Make Playground Equipment Accessible
If playground equipment accessible to children, it motivates them to participate in fun loving outdoor activities, let us discuss how to do that.

Playgrounds with accessible and inclusive equipment allow children from all backgrounds to enjoy playing outside. Accessible equipment in playgrounds may also motivate children to participate in fun outdoor activities that improve their mental health. Here are four tips to make playground equipment accessible:

1. Modifying the Equipment

Modifying equipment in a playground is necessary for the accommodation of all children’s needs. One way to modify equipment in a playground is by adding ground-level activities for children with mobility problems. You can also elevate sandboxes in a playground to enhance their usability for children with bending issues. Modifying stairways by lowering their slopes and widening the treads improves accessibility for children with balance issues.

2. Coloring the Equipment

Children with eye problems may better see and access bright-colored playground equipment. Bright colors also make equipment in a playground more appealing to children. The bright colors may help children better distinguish different sections from each other. This will allow them to move more safely from section to section.

3. Placing the Equipment

Children easily interact with properly placed equipment in a playground. Considering the varying reach ranges of children, playground equipment should be placed at different heights. A shorter child or a child using a wheelchair should be able to access the same equipment as a tall child who can stand without aid. Equipment placed at varying heights in a playground can foster a sense of equality, especially among children with disabilities.

4. Widening Walkways

Wider walkways allow children to access stationary equipment in playgrounds using mobility devices like wheelchairs. Playgrounds with wider walkways also enable easier monitoring of the children by the parents or teachers. The walkways should also have even surfaces for easier navigation by children as they access various equipment.

Tips for Choosing Playground Equipment

Sensory play equipment like chimes and drums can be a suitable option for a playground. The equipment may help promote cognitive development in children. Other types of equipment you can choose include merry-go-rounds, slides, sand diggers, and spring riders. Before choosing equipment for your playground, check their prices to stay within your budget. The amount and type of equipment you want for a particular playground can determine the budget you create. 

Safety should also be a factor of consideration when buying equipment for a playground. The equipment should not have slippery surfaces to protect children from falling and sustaining injuries while playing. Consider the ages of children in your school or neighborhood setting to buy suitable equipment. Other factors to consider when buying equipment for a playground include ease of installation, maintenance, and durability.

Make Playground Equipment Accessible

Accessible playground equipment can motivate children to participate in activities that might boost their physical and mental health. Modifying the equipment and placing them in the right playground positions can enhance their accessibility. Start your search for a playground vendor that can provide equipment for children from a variety of backgrounds. Take the above factors into consideration in order to make equipment in your playground accessible today.

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