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Read this article, and you will find information that will help viewers know facts regarding Project Mugetsu Wiki.

Do you have an interest in playing the Roblox game? Searching for Roblox games and their codes to help you to complete? Have you ever heard about Project Mugetsu? Project Mugetsu is one of the most popular Roblox Games worldwide, where many users earned revenue using this game as their primary platform. 

Still, new viewers search for information over the web before playing Project Mugetsu. Now, we suggest viewers navigate down our article, and you will get some new information that you might not know about Project Mugetsu Wiki.


Disclaimer: The information we upload in our article is according to research work, and we do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. This information is only for educational purposes, and we also share some social media links to make this article more relevant. 

Wiki of Project Mugetsu:

If you are a fan of Roblox, then you might have heard of Project Mugetsu. Osiris Productions created this exciting game, and it is available on the Roblox platform. To enhance your gaming experience Continue reading this article and you will get some important information about a character named Hitsugaya and other details about Project Mugetsu.

Ways to become a soul reaper?

To become a Soul Reaper within Project Mugetsu, players must first seek out an NPC named Kisuke, who can be identified by a blue flame icon above their head.

Upon interacting with Kisuke, players will get the task of eliminating a Hollow enemy. To begin the quest, players must accept the assignment and proceed to the location indicated by the red icon on their screen, where they must engage in battle with the Hollow and emerge victorious.

Once the Hollow is defeated, players must return to Kisuke to complete the quest and earn their status as a fully-fledged Soul Reaper in Project Mugetsu.

Clan Tier List in Project Mugetsu:

The S tier:

  • (War Power) Urahara
  • (War Power) Kurosaki
  • (Mythic) Kuchiki

The A Tier:

  • (Legendary) Hisagi
  • (Legendary) Ichimaru
  • (Legendary) Shihoin

The B Tier:

  • (Rare) Iba
  • (Rare) Kira
  • (Rare) Hirako
  • (Rare) Ushoda

If a clan is not present on the given list, it is most likely a Common clan. It is advisable to avoid such Clans Buffs since they do not provide any additional benefits to your character. We may provide further details on the clans in the coming days.

Project Mugetsu and a few Codes:

Exclusive codes were added to the game on April 9th, 2023, allowing players to claim exciting rewards. By entering the code like: 

  • 100K MEMBERS, players can reset their resurrection, 
  • 10K LIKES and 15 KLIKES offer X30 minutes of mastery boost. 
  • Players can also reset their Shikai by entering the code 20K LIKES. 
  • Furthermore, players can claim 25 spins by using the code SHUTDOWNSPINS. 

These codes are only available for a limited time, so players should act fast to claim their rewards using this Roblox Link.

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Project Mugetsu is a popular Roblox game that started its operation in April 2023 and has become a popular game; customers can use all the necessary codes to win exciting rewards and join the best clan that is discussed in this article. Moreover, click here to know Are All Robux Generators Safe!

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Project Mugetsu Wiki: FAQs

1 With whom did the player have to talk to become Hollow in Project Mugetsu?

NPC Aizen 

2 Do all the codes of Project Mugetsu work forever?

No, it will expire after a time span.

3 Do players need a stable internet connection to play Project Mugetsu?


4 Is it true that player data will be safe in the Project Mugetsu game portal?


5 Can anyone use codes on Xbox or Pc?

Yes, players can use it.

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