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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere on the Race Across the World Reviews to know about season 3 and its participants.

Did you know that broadcast of Race Across the World Reviews series was moved to BBC One due to more than anticipated viewership in the United Kingdom? On 28th/September/2022, BBC announced third season, which covers destinations in Canada. 

Did you know that series is engaging due to participants losing their route, diversity in shows, resourcefulness, managing budget, mode of travel, tensions in relationship during the travel, Etc? Let’s check about Race Across the World Reviews.

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Reviews of Race Across the World:

Season 3 of Race Across the World made it to the trending news as the BBC made a press release about the five pairs participating in the competition. The premiere of series 3 was on 22nd/March/2023.

On IMDb, Race Across the World series one, two, and three reviews were combined. The trio received 8.3/10 stars rated by 701 viewers. The audience from the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, and India were among the top countries who rated the show. Read more about the Dutch version of Race Across the World Rtl4 further below.

Ratings, percentage per viewer:

  • 168 viewers (24%) rated it at 10-stars
  • 196 viewers (28%) rated it at 9-stars
  • 214 viewers (30.5%) rated it at 8-stars
  • 66 viewers (9.4%) rated it at 7-stars
  • 17 viewers (2.4%) rated it at 6-stars
  • 10 viewers (1.4%) rated it at 5-stars
  • 4 viewers (0.6%) rated it at 4-stars
  • 5 viewers (0.7%) rated it at 3-stars
  • 4 viewers (0.6%) rated it at 2-stars, and
  • 17 viewers (2.4%) rated it at 1-stars


Therefore, 40 viewers (5.7%) rated Race Across the World below 5/10 stars, and 661 viewers (94.3%) provided positive and above 5/10 stars ratings. 

Race Across the World Reviews:

  • The critics’ negative reviews indicated that the couple would be on a low budget (or) may have over-exhausted their budget if they mismanaged the routes.
  • One of the critics pointed out that the series might make the audience fiendishly addicted. 
  • Another critic suggested that the show lacked extreme challenges. 
  • Another critic felt that the obstacles were fictive, and the tension was fabricated. 

The positive reviews suggest that the series was heartwarming as it showed: 

  • Beautiful scenery, 
  • Drama during the travel, 
  • Human nature, 
  • Cultural diversities, and 
  • Ending with a get-together! 

Hence, on other customer review websites, 644+ votes rated Race Across the World Reviews positively at 83%.

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Race Across the World is a competition program by British television, which was broadcasted initially on BBC Two in 2019. BBC had also planned celebrity spin-off. However, the show was criticized as it was telecasted during pandemic in 2020. Hence, the celebrity spin-off series idea did not advance. Overall, the series has positive reviews and ratings.

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Race Across the World Reviews – FAQ

1Q. Who is narrating series 3?

John David Hannah, a Scottish film and television actor, narrates series 3.

2Q. Where is the location, start point, and destination of series 3?

Series 3 covers Canada only. Vancouver, British Columbia, is the starting point, and St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador is the destination.

3Q. How much is the prize money?


4Q. What is RTL4?

Radio Télévision Luxembourg 4 (RTL4) is a television channel in Dutch, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Race Across the World Dutch version premiered on 15th/March/2023. It was presented by Martijn Krabbé and filmed in Latin America.

5Q. Who are the participants in series 3?

Five Race Across the World Couples are Claudia and Kevin, Cathie and Tricia, Ladi and Monique, Mobeen and Zainib, and Marc and Michael.

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