Ryan Teen Mom Arrested: How Old Was He When Get on Relationship With 16 Year? Is She Pregnant?

Latest News Ryan Teen Mom Arrested

In this article, we will get information about Ryan Teen Mom Arrested. Find everything about the arrest and police report.

Why did Ryan get arrested three times in a row within two months? What is the police report about Ryan Edwards? The superstar dad of teen mom Edward was arrested on 10th April 2023. According to the police affidavit, it’s been the third time he has been arrested in 2 months.

The people of the United States and the United Kingdom are surprised by Edward’s actions. Earlier, he was arrested while driving a car in an unconscious state. Let’s find out why Ryan Teen Mom Arrested.

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Latest Report

On 10 April Monday police arrested the Teen Mom superstar Ryan Edwards. He was arrested from his parents’ house. Police reported getting information about Ryan Edwards going violent and destroying his property. There have been many incidents involving Ryan and his wife Mackenzie, so she filed a protection order on 8 February.

According to police Ram was under the possession of narcotics and mind control in substances. While searching him, they found a pouch of paraphernalia and two pieces of white substance in his wallet. However, Ryan denies the situation and calls it a trap by her wife to put him behind bars.

How Old Was Ryan on 16 and Pregnant 

Ryan was approximately 21 when he got into a relationship with 16 and Pregnant star Maci Bookout. The couple had a child together in a two-year relationship. When Maci gives birth to Bentley Edwards, she gets busy with her work, and Ryan has to do the rest of her parental duties.

However, the couple decided to get married, but due to the inappropriate behaviour of Ryan towards his child and Maci, she decided to call off the relationship. After this, Ryan had multiple girlfriends, but he finally got married to Mackenzie Edwards. Although, he hasn’t had any excellent relationship life since he was a teenager.

Police reporting after Ryan Teen Mom Arrested

According to a report, when police received information about Ryan destroying his property, they reported the site Ryan used to live with his wife Mackenzie and two children in that house. Police required an escort team to enter his house because there was a complete mess inside. 

During the investigation, police asked Ryan who did this mess. Ryan said, “It must be the guy with my wife. They have been here before I came in to take my stuff. He said that he was shocked when he saw the mess in his home, and I have no clue about it”. However, Ryan Teen Mom Arrested by police and reported consuming the dangerous medication.

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Final verdict

The superstar dad of the Teen Mom show is arrested for privacy violations and breaking the law. The incident occurred on 10 April, when police got info about Ryan destroying his home decor. Police found out that he was in possession of narcotics and harmful chemicals.  

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Ryan Teen Mom Arrested: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Ryan Edwards?

Ryan Edward is 35 years old.

Q2 What is the age of Mackenzie Edwards?

Mackenzi Edward is 27 years old.

Q3 Who are the parents of Ryan Edwards?

Father Larry Edward and mother Jennifer Edwards.

Q4 What is the date of birth of Ryan Edwards?

He was born on 3 January 1988.

Q5 How many times did Ryan get arrested in 2023?

He got arrested 3 times in 2023.

Q6 How Old Was Ryan on 16 and Pregnant?

He was approximately 21 years old.

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