Sequoia Middle Teacher School: What Happened At Sequoia Middle School Fontana? Is School Taking Any Action? Check Full Incident Detail

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Do you want to know about a Teacher from California? Are you eager to know about the reason why the teacher is viral? If so, read the article till the end. The teacher has gone viral across the United States for her immoral conduct with her students. People are also discussing her behaviour.

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What Did Sequoia Teacher Do?

A language teacher in California was often seen in a video using N-word. She also compelled the students to speak slur as it was in the dictionary. The incident happened when the teacher discussed Mark Twain’s novel, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” The teacher works at Sequoia Middle School. The teacher asked the students to spell the word when one of the eight grade students wanted to know about the pronunciation of the word. The teacher was describing the word in the school located in Fontana.

How Did the Teacher Describe the Word?

The teacher stood before the class and described an English word. She explained the word and said that everyone could spell the word. It was not too tough. Although the word is in the dictionary, people have become oversensitive regarding the term. The teacher was forcing a student to speak the word, and a smirk was reflected on her face. As per sources, a student added that the teacher was out of her mind as she repeatedly used the word. Although the students became uncomfortable, the teacher continued to force the students.

Sequoia Middle Teacher School

In the viral video, people noticed that the teacher smirked when she forced the students to spell the word. Although students wanted to know the spelling, they became uncomfortable when the teacher repeatedly pronounced the word. The student who asked about the word became uncomfortable and shook his head by putting his head down. According to the students, the teacher pronounced the word around 15 times. As per sources, one of the guardians shared the video and wrote aggressively on social media to stop racism. Because the term was a racial slur, some asked What Sequoia Middle School was teaching their students. 

Response of the Students and Guardians

The guardians claim that the teacher should be fired from the school for circulating such a derogatory word. However, the District stated it is carrying out the investigation. But, they cannot provide additional details as the investigation is still ongoing. The District will take all derogatory remarks or words seriously. The school authority also stated that they are also investigating the matter. But, they did not disclose any additional details regarding the teacher. Therefore, people cannot know the teacher’s personal information. As per sources, people are asking Is Sequoia Middle School will take any action. Even if the school is going to take any action, the school has not disclosed anything.

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The teacher at Sequoia Middle School has made the students uncomfortable. People ask the school authority to fire the teacher for using such a derogatory word. However, what type of action would be taken against the teacher is still unclear. To know more, please visit the link

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Sequoia Middle Teacher School-FAQs

Q1. Where did the teacher ask the students to spell slur?

At Sequoia Middle School.

Q2. Where is the school located?

In Fontana.

Q3. What was the teacher teaching?

Mark Twain’s novel.

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