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Do you want to know about Kirra Hart? Are you eager to know what happened to Kirra Hart? If so, read this article till the end. The Kirra Hart attack video has grabbed people’s attention across the Philippines, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

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What Happened to Kirra Hart?

Kirra Hart is a 14 years old girl who was invited for a sleepover by her friends. She knew those friends from her school. But, instead of doing fun with her, those friends started to attack her. The incident took place in Queensland, Australia. A video showing the friends hitting her has gone viral on various platforms. The friends hit her again and again. As per sources, even her hair was also cut off. The video of the girls laughing and enjoying after the attack has gone Viral On Reddit and many other social media platforms.

What are the Reactions of the People?

People are shocked to watch such cruelty of the girls. People are criticizing the girls after watching the video. Some of them are even claiming punishment for those girls. As per sources, the girls tortured Kirra with various sharp weapons like knives, scissors, and a hot iron. The girls stabbed Kirra multiple times and poured hot wax on her face. People became disturbed by such a cruel video and showed sympathy for the victim.

Was the Video Viral on Tiktok?

Like any other platform, the video received huge responses from the people on TikTok. The video received millions of views on TikTok as well. But, there is no information about who uploaded the video. People also want to know the reason for the attack. Although there is no clear reason for the attack, some people have doubted that her peers were jealous of her. The jealousy may be because Kirra is a talented artist who has won an art competition. The video has also gone viral on InstagramPeople are also reacting to the video on Instagram.

Was Kirra Taken to the Hospital?

Kirra was taken to the hospital after the attack. She gained multiple injuries from burns and cuts. Her wounds were very deep, and she had to undergo surgery. She has been traumatized by the attack. She has been given counselling to overcome the trauma after the incident. 

People are widely circulating the link to the Youtube video of her attack. Parents should be careful before sending their children alone out of the house. People have been alerted by this video. Everyone should be careful while sending the child with friends. The video has gained a lot of responses on Telegram as well. The wide sharing of the video will make people more careful. 

The girls have been arrested for assault, torture, and grievous harm. The arrest of these girls will be an example for others and warn them. Some people claim that girls should be given stricter punishment so that no one gets the courage to repeat such an incident. People are passing various comments also on Twitter. The viral video has grabbed the attention of all sections of society.

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The school’s parents and authority should be careful about their children’s behavior. Parents and teachers play a huge role in preventing such incidents in society. To know more, please visit the link


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Kirra Heart Attack Video-FAQs

Q1. In which place did the incident occur?

Queensland, Australia.

Q2. How old was Kirra?

14 years.

Q3. What charges were against the girls?

Assault and grievous injury.

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