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Read this article in detail, and you will get some vital information that will help you to know Viral Rozi Popo Twitter.

Do you watch Viral videos of Rozi Popo? When did this video go viral? Searching for information to know what was inside the viral video? Recently a video went viral on Twitter from Indonesia. People across various countries like Malaysia are shocked after they watch videos of Rozi Popo and the mysterious Cemek Barbie. 

Many insights that are not available on any other platform. In this article, we will discuss the details of the viral video and judge the authenticity of Viral Rozi Popo Twitter.


Disclaimer: In this article, we do not intend to hurt anyone; this information is only for educational purposes; remember, we provide information by doing proper research work. We also offer social media links below to make this content more engaging.

Viral Twitter Video of Rozi Popo:

The leaked video featuring Rozi Popo has caused quite a stir among social media users, who are now eagerly discussing its content. However, the specifics of the video remain mysterious. In that video, we came to find Rozi Popo in the bed and showing the backside, nothing else we would see in the public domain.

Rozi Popo’s supporters and fans are currently attempting to figure out the truth behind the Twitter Video Viral Popo Rozi.

Who is Rozi Popo?

Rozi Popo, the talented TikToker who goes by the name Fahrozi Anggina Harahap. With his unique and humorous content, he has won the hearts of many on the platform.

What sets Rozi Popo apart is his distinctive style, where he dons a woman’s attire, complete with braces and pigtails. His comedic flair has captured the attention of many followers on TikTok, and his videos have left a lasting impression on viewers.

From showcasing his talent in dressing up as a woman to displaying his humor in his videos, Rozi Popo has made a name for himself on social media. It’s no wonder why he has amassed such a loyal fanbase.

Is Viral Rozi Popo Twitter available?

No, the video of Rozi Popo is not available; sources claim that it triggered the privacy policy of Twitter once many viewers shared his video. If we find any new updates about the viral video, we will share information on this website, so stay tuned with us.

Does anyone download the video of Rozi Popo from Telegram?

Telegram is a large community where viewers can get multiple types of content after deleting it from other platforms. If you search for good groups, you may get that video. We have yet to get detailed information about what was inside the video.

Is the Viral video of Rozi Available on online websites?

No, the video is not available on any website. Those who upload a video link to play the Twitter Video Viral Popo Rozi. We suggest you not tap those unknown links; it might be a scam.

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Final Verdict:

Recently a short video of Popo Rozi went viral on the Twitter platform. Till now, proper details of this video have yet to be made available. Because Twitter itself removed that video.  For more information, click here and learn about Popo Rozi Viral Video

Did you watch that viral video of Popo Rozi? Please do share your comment if you know further details.

Viral Rozi Popo Twitter: FAQs

1 How many followers do Rozi Popo have in tiktok?

Rozi was able to gain 33.5k Followers only in TikTok

2 For how many years has Rozi Popo been doing TikTok?

He is doing Tiktok and posting videos from 2021 

3 Can anyone watch the viral Video of Rozi Popo from youtube?

No, it is not available on youtube either.

4 What is the actual name of Rozi Popo?

Fahrozi Anggina Harahap from Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra

5 What is the Tik Tok Id of Rozi Popo?


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