Who Is Eligible for the EB5 Visa?

Complete Information Who Is Eligible for the EB5 Visa

Eligibility for the EB5 green card is highly specific because of the EB5 investment program requirements. To be eligible for an EB5 visa, an investor must share their reasons for wanting to immigrate, describe their family dynamics, understand the investment amount, and provide correct documentation. Here is more information to help you determine whether you are eligible for the EB5 visa: 

Initial Information

Before you begin the EB5 green card application process, there are some simple questions that you’ll be asked to answer. The answers to these questions can help immigration attorneys or regional center employees understand whether you’re eligible for the program. Here are some of the things they may ask you about during your initial consultation:

1. Reason(s) For Wanting to Immigrate

First, you may be asked why you want to immigrate to the United States. Reasons to immigrate may be to build a better future for you and your family or because you want to work and expand your business in the United States. The reasoning behind wanting to immigrate can determine your visa program eligibility. 

2. Family Dynamics

Another question you may be asked is whether you have a spouse and children who will also be seeking U.S. citizenship. You will need to share which country you are from and other basic identification information. The EB5 visa can offer you, your spouse, and children under 21 a pathway to receive green cards. If you get approved for a green card, you can eventually apply for U.S. citizenship.

3. Investment Funds

To move forward with the EB5 visa program, you should have access to or be able to obtain the minimum investment requirement of $800,000 or $1.05, depending on the type and location of the EB5 project. You should have your investment amount prepared and accessible from the beginning of the application process. Having your funds ready at least 12 months before filing your EB5 petition may help speed up the process. 

4. Investment Source

A regional center or immigration attorney may ask about the source of your investment funds. This is a significant step in the EB5 application process because the investment funds must come from a lawful source. These sources include salaries, gifts, inheritances, loans, mortgages, and other legal options. You may also be asked when you will be ready to invest and file for your visa.

Personal, Investment, and Financial Documentation 

Once you are determined to be eligible for an EB5 green card, the next step is to gather the appropriate documents. The information in these documents provides information about you, the source of your investment funds, and other financial data. Some personal identification documents you may need include your and your family members’ passports and birth certificates. If you have previously filed for an immigration visa, you will need to gather all documents involved in that application. You may also be asked to provide documentation of any civil or legal actions that have taken place within the last 15 years. 

You will be asked to provide evidence that you have access to the specified investment amount and where the funds originated. Include proof of your investment in the EB5 project to prove that you were involved and met the requirements. Other investment information may include subscription documents, confirmation memos, I-956F receipts, and more. You may be asked to show other financial documents like the last five years of bank statements and tax returns. This can also include proof of business ownership and financial statements for each business.

Determine Your EB5 Green Card Eligibility

Eligibility for an EB5 visa depends on factors such as reasons for wanting to immigrate, where your investment funds came from, and more. Contact an EB5 regional center or an immigration attorney today to determine your eligibility for the visa program. These professionals can provide questionnaires to confirm your eligibility and give you more information about the EB5 investment program. 

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