Popular Styles of Wooden Gates and Fences

Popular Styles of Wooden Gates and Fences

Wooden gates and fences are popular because of their natural appearance and easy customization. Styles of wooden gates and fences include picket fences, board fences, and split-rail fences that serve differing purposes. Consider your needs before choosing a wooden gate and fence for your property. Here are a variety of styles for wooden gates and fences to help you select the best design for your property:

Arched Gate

Arched wooden gates can be built using different types of wood, including cedar, pine, and redwood. Look for an arched gate that matches the texture and coloring of your fence. The gate can be customized using decorative ironwork or equipment to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Classic Picket Fence Gate

This gate has uniformly divided vertical pickets attached to horizontal rails. The even spacing between pickets elevates your yard’s curb appeal. Using an experienced fencing company to help you create a picket fence gate that complements your picket fences leads to an attractive outdoor space.

Cottage Garden Gate

The cottage garden gate style has panels of picket fences and an overhead arbor that gives your premise a vintage appearance. You may prefer the cottage garden gate for your garden to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your outdoor space. 

Picket Fence

The picket fence has vertical pickets made of wood. The pickets are evenly spaced in a way that offers visibility. These fences have a pointed or flat top connected to rails running horizontally. They are usually 4-6 feet high but can be customized depending on the client’s requirements. You may customize the gaps between pickets according to your tastes and needs. Small gaps help with security, while wider gaps are good for aesthetic appeal. 

Louvered Fence

The louvered wood fence includes horizontal pickets tilted uniformly at an angle. Louvered fences enable increased privacy from outsiders and visibility for those inside. You can have your louvers horizontal or vertical, depending on your aesthetic preference. Using louvers can give your lawn a modern look. You’ll want to find an experienced fencing company that is familiar with the construction of louvered fences.

Side-by-Side Fence

You may opt for side-by-side fencing, where the sides of the pickets are adjacent to each other with no overlap or angling. It’s one of the more common styles, as it is simpler and less expensive per linear foot. It may be suited for pools and yards that require privacy. 

Board-on-Board Fence

Board-on-board fences are made by connecting all the pickets to opposite rail sections. The overlapping design leads to a robust and attractive fence inside and out. The absence of gaps and spaces between pickets makes this option suitable for your privacy. You can have your fences vertically or horizontally oriented, depending on your requirements.

Split-rail Fence

The fence is built using split logs for rails connected horizontally to posts. You can have three to four lines of posts running throughout your perimeter. One-foot spacing between the horizontal posts is common for these fences, allowing passersby to view your property. The fences offer less security than other options and may be applied in large properties for a more rustic look.

Try Wooden Gates and Fences for Your Outdoor Space

Wooden fences and gates are popular due to their natural look and ease of customization. Some styles include picket, louvered, side-by-side, board-on-board, and split rail fences. You may complement your fences with wooden gates such as arched gates, classic picket fence gates, and cottage garden gates. An experienced fencing company may help install wooden fences and gates that address your needs and increase your property’s curb appeal. Work with a fencing company today to install a wooden gate and fences that liven your outdoor space.

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