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The post discusses the Write for Us Football and the guidelines that the writer needs to follow.

Do you have excellent writing skills in Football? Do you want to publish your article on Football? If yes, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Football, writing skills, and how to pull organic traffic to your website. Besides this, you will also learn practical writing skills that will make your writing more noticeable and appreciated worldwide. However, to publish your article, you need to know some essential guidelines; for that, you must read the Write for Us Football post until the end. So, what are you waiting for? Read the write-up? 

Who we are? 

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At this time, we offer an excellent opportunity for writers who are eager to post their write-ups and are willing to learn and grow. However, there are specific guidelines for Football Write for Us that you need to look at and follow, so read these guidelines carefully.

General guidelines for Football write-up guest post

You must follow specific guidelines while writing your football guest post, so read it carefully. However, you must keep these guidelines in mind, so read them carefully.

  • Your post’s title needs to be catchy, and the post must be divided into proper headings and subheadings.
  • The post should be 100% original; there shouldn’t be 1% plagiarism in your post. If we find any plagiarism, your article will be canceled. You shouldn’t copy and paste the information. 
  • The “Write for Us” + Football article must be SEO-friendly to rank higher in the search engine. However, you can read how to make your article SEO-friendly tips on the internet.
  • Your article shouldn’t have any spelling, grammar, or other errors. However, your grammatical score needs to be 99+. 
  • Your post needs to meet the word limit of 1500 to 2500. However, you are required to avoid inadequate information or filling sentences to fulfill the word limit.
  • While writing your article, you must avoid provoking words or language, abusive words, and disrespectful words or sentences for any individual or community.
  • Your Football + “Write for Us” keyword placement and density must be proper. Your article’s keyword density should be .75% to 1, and every keyword should be placed after 90 to 100 words gaps.
  • Your article’s information must be based on recent events, news, facts, and data. However, the information should be relevant.
  • Your post needs to be in the proper order, arranged, and divided with appropriate headings and subheadings.

These are a few guidelines you need to follow while writing the guest post article, so read the benefits you will get after writing your write-up.

Benefits of writing Football “Write for Us”

Here are some benefits you need to get while writing an article, so read the benefits below carefully.

  • Your confidence will improve as you write to one of the top websites in the world.
  • It will increase organic traffic on your website, which will help your website to rank higher on the browser platform. 
  • You can check your article SERP, which helps you improve its quality.
  • It would be highly beneficial in your career growth.
  • Your writing skills will improve, enhancing the quality of your article.

These are only a few benefits, but apart from these benefits, there are many other benefits to writing on Write for Us Football. However, further details about the guest post submission are explained below.

Know Your Topic!

  • How old is football old?
  • Who is the father of football?
  • Who is No 1 football king?
  • Which country invented football?
  • Who started football on earth?
  • Is football older than cricket?

These are a few topic suggestions on which you can write your article, but apart from this topic, you can choose any topic. But you must follow the guidelines correctly to select your article and publish your guest post. No matter which topic you choose, you must follow guidelines properly.

How can you submit your article?

Once you have read the guidelines correctly and are sure you can follow them, you need to write a sample and send your article to [email protected]. Once we receive your Write for Us + Football, we will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your article. When we receive your article, our quality analysis will check the article. If everything is good, we will contact you.


If you think you are the one who is hardworking, passionate, and dedicated. Then, this would be the best opportunity to write your article, but you must follow these guidelines correctly, write a sample using these guidelines, and send us your article. To write your article, you can get help from.

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