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This post discusses Write for Us Health and explains more about the criteria and policies required for developing an excellent guest blog.

Health is one of the most crucial aspects of any individual’s life. With evolving times, everyone is eager to learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That makes health a genre that is widely popular among the masses. If you are interested in sharing your inputs surrounding the topic and wish to enlighten the readers, here is a golden opportunity. We are looking for Write for Us Health guest bloggers to contribute their knowledge to the masses. We expect our writers to hold the reins of informing the audience about the various untouched aspects of health through their articles.

Below, we have elaborated in detail on what we expect from the articles and the general policies that all participating writers must follow. So go on to read.

What is the Website About?

Our team of writers works tirelessly day and night to produce informative and engaging articles. We are a global website, having an audience spread across the globe. As we are not limited by geography, so are we not limited in our genres. Apart from Write for Us + Health guest blogging, our website has writers who craft elaborate content across multiple other categories. Thus, from our writers, we expect the grit to take up the responsibility of informing the audience and shedding away myths surrounding the subject.

Other genres that have gained immense traction include:

News Content: This particular category is most viewed, considering the facts provided to the readers. Our writers conduct elaborate research to ensure that nothing but reality is showcased to the audience through the write-ups.

Review Articles: The digital space opens a vast arena for scammers to begin their websites and loot people. With plenty of websites launched daily, our writers take the onus to review them, check the nuances, and present a detailed report of whether the website or the product is a scam or legitimate.

In addition, other genres such as crypto, science, gardening, and technology have also received immense love from our audience to grow as a blogging website.

Health Write for Us – Policies and Eligibility

A vast arena of information is available related to health as an industry. However, the crux is how differently you can present the article, providing a new perspective to the readers. Hence, we have listed a few requirements for the participating writers, which are as follows:

Educational Qualification: We welcome writers who are graduates and hold a professional degree in health and nutrition. However, we also welcome freshers who are interested in writing and blogging.

Professional Requirements: For health-related blogs, we recommend writers be professionals in the health sector, professors, or nutritionists with real-time field experience. However, this is an excellent opportunity to try out if you are a blogger or a health vlogger.

Knowledge Requirements: Writers must follow the content structure and guidelines to craft engaging articles.

“Write for Us” + Health – Top Article Ideas

While there are plenty of topics to explore surrounding health, here are a few ideas to refer to:

  • How to manage chronic conditions for a healthier future
  • Mindful approach to managing life under pressure
  • How to fuel better health by including nutrient-dense foods
  • What is the connection between mind and body
  • Ways to nourish your mind, body and spirit
  • Why it is imperative to address health issues related to women
  • Workouts for maintaining healthy living
  • Incorporating digital wellness by reducing screen time
  • How to promote healthy aging for longevity and vitality
  • Separating fiction in the wellness world
  • How to heal human health using plants and herbs

Health + “Write for Us” – Rules and Guidelines

Our website has earned much credibility for its quality of content. Hence, we expect our writers to maintain the same by following the criteria listed below. Please read the policies and guidelines that are designed based on the standard requirements, which are as follows:

  • All content must be within the word limit of 750 to 1000 words
  • Writers are recommended to strictly avoid overstuffing of content or repetitions that may impact the overall quality
  • Segregate the article into proper paragraphs and sections
  • Ensure the content is not in tangents. It must convey the central idea of the topic
  • Adding meta title and meta descriptions are important
  • The character limit for each is 55 and 160 characters, respectively
  • Any content developed using AI tools shall be rejected
  • All Health “Write for Us” content must be thoroughly proofread and edited
  • Use authentic AI tools such as plagiarism checker and Grammarly for proofreading.

SEO Essentials

In addition to the abovementioned criteria, we expect the writers to follow basic SEO regulations. It is essential for ranking the content on the internet. These include:

  • Every article must contain keywords.
  • These keywords must be adjusted per the ideal keyword density for each word count.
  • Sentences must not be lengthy. Paragraphs must be short and readable
  • Include heading tags throughout the article
  • No content must be copied
  • The articles must be legible and understandable for the audience.

Submission Criteria for Write for Us + Health Samples

We request that all writers participating in this guest blogging opportunity follow the instructions appropriately when crafting the samples. The articles must be shared via email at [email protected]. Herein, we recommend writers to send either Google Docs or Microsoft Word format and avoid sharing PDFs.

Final Conclusion

Write for Us Health is an excellent opportunity for budding writers and professionals to showcase their prowess with words. Hence, we recommend that every candidate thoroughly review the policies to make the article worth reading. In addition, every content must qualify for the standard parameters required for publication. Ensure the content adds value to the readers and contributes to their knowledge base. In case of any queries, send us an email. To learn more about health, click.

How do you find this guest blogging opportunity? Please send us your feedback in the comments box.

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