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A Guide to Details Write For Us Manufacturing

Elevate discourse on Manufacturing. Share your insights through Write for Us Manufacturing guest posts, engage our readers, and be part of industry excellence.

Cieldegloire’s readers seek posts for a comprehensive understanding of Manufacturing industry developments, trends, best practices and cutting-edge advancements. A call is extended to bloggers passionate about Manufacturing to contribute their expertise through Write for Us Manufacturing on our knowledge hub. If you are a CMfgE, then check out guidelines below for effective guest post crafting.

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Building Influence in Manufacturing: Innovation with Thought Skillsets

  • Contributors are expected to excel in researching Manufacturing-related subjects, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of diverse topics within field. 
  • It’s crucial for them to grasp interests and preferences of our audience in Manufacturing and possess exceptional written communication skills.

Crafting Engaging Manufacturing “Write for Us” Content: Qualification Requirements

  • While formal certifications in Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Engineering/Manufacturing Engineering, (or) Certified Manufacturing Engineer are not obligatory, contributors must showcase their expertise through well-written documents. 
  • Professional experience in Manufacturing is preferred, and 
  • Proficiency in creating various content types, such as website content, write-ups, blogs, or articles, is essential.

Mastering SEO for Manufacturing: Guidelines for Optimization and Backlinking

  • Contributors should use keywords effectively for search engine optimization.
  • Manufacturing articles should include two backlinks, copyright-free images, and Do-followup links.
  • Incorporating relevant resource links, staying updated on industry trends, and ensuring high readability by proofreading for clarity is essential.

Effective Manufacturing “Write for Us” Content Writing: Guidelines for Originality, Tone, and Structure

  • Contributors must engage readers using an approachable tone and original content. Grammatical errors and use of passive voice should be avoided, with an emphasis on high readability and no redundancy. 
  • Offensive content, promotional links, and deviation from manufacturing topic are discouraged.

Navigating General Guidelines: From Calls to Action to Future Trends

  • General guidelines recommend concluding articles with a call to action for feedback and sharing article; incorporating expert opinions, and discussing challenges in manufacturing sector.
  • Write for Us + Manufacturing articles addressing cost management, industry regulations, innovation, and eco-friendly practices are key.
  • Resilience in Manufacturing, supply chain management, customization trends, and technological advancements like IoT and AI should also be explored.
  • Contributors are encouraged to use case studies, discuss future of Manufacturing, and promote a circular economy.
  • Emphasizing quality control measures, data security, and providing accurate information are crucial.

Tailoring your write-ups:

Cieldegloire’s readers prefer guest posts on Manufacturing-related topics that discuss process optimization/cost-effective production methods/emerging technologies/sustainable practices/safety measures/success stories/practical tips/real-world experiences/Write for Us + Manufacturing solutions to common challenges/explanations of complex concepts/industry trends/case studies.


  1. Automation,
  2. Robotics,
  3. Lean Manufacturing,
  4. Industry 4.0,
  5. Supply Chain,
  6. Quality Control,
  7. Sustainability,
  8. 3D Printing,
  9. Smart Manufacturing,
  10. IoT in Manufacturing,
  11. Digital Twins,
  12. Additive Manufacturing,
  13. CNC Machining,
  14. Product Lifecycle Management(PLM),
  15. Six Sigma,
  16. Kaizen,
  17. Continuous Improvement,
  18. Manufacturing Processes,
  19. Just-In-Time(JIT),
  20. Kanban,
  21. Material Science,
  22. CNC Programming,
  23. CAD/CAM,
  24. Computer-Aided Engineering(CAE),
  25. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis(FMEA),
  26. Root Cause Analysis(RCA),
  27. Total Quality Management(TQM),
  28. Process Optimization,
  29. Flexible Manufacturing Systems,
  30. Rapid Prototyping,
  31. Factory Layout Design,
  32. Ergonomics,
  33. “Write for Us” + Manufacturing on Occupational Safety,
  34. Machine Learning in Manufacturing,
  35. Maintenance Strategies,
  36. Green Manufacturing,
  37. Reverse Engineering,
  38. Digital Manufacturing,
  39. Value Stream Mapping,
  40. Human-Machine Interface(HMI),
  41. Statistical Process Control(SPC),
  42. Inventory Management,
  43. Outsourcing in Manufacturing,
  44. Energy Efficiency,
  45. Metal Forming,
  46. Welding Technology,
  47. Composite Materials,
  48. Injection Molding,
  49. Assembly Line Design,
  50. Batch Production,
  51. Mass Production,
  52. Cellular Manufacturing,
  53. 5S Methodology,
  54. Factory Automation,
  55. Industrial Hygiene,
  56. ISO Standards,
  57. Productivity Improvement,
  58. Smart Factories,
  59. Maintenance 4.0,
  60. Material Handling,
  61. Metal Cutting,
  62. Kaizen Events,
  63. Rapid Manufacturing,
  64. Operational Excellence,
  65. Product Design for Manufacturability,
  66. Cyber-Physical Systems,
  67. Predictive Maintenance,
  68. Augmented Reality in Manufacturing,
  69. Manufacturing + “Write for Us” on Quality Assurance,
  70. Production Planning,
  71. Advanced Materials,
  72. Microfabrication,
  73. Factory of Future,
  74. Non-Destructive Testing,
  75. Robotics in Assembly,
  76. Smart Sensors,
  77. Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT),
  78. Waste Reduction,
  79. Smart Grids in Manufacturing,
  80. Process Simulation,
  81. Digital Thread,
  82. Smart Maintenance,
  83. Reshoring,
  84. Machining Strategies,
  85. Sustainable Packaging,
  86. Metal Casting,
  87. Collaborative Robots(Cobots),
  88. Design for Assembly(DFA),
  89. Composites Manufacturing,
  90. Sustainable Manufacturing Practices,
  91. Computer-Integrated Manufacturing(CIM),
  92. Failure Analysis,
  93. Injection Mold Design,
  94. Sustainable Supply Chains,
  95. Industrial Robotics,
  96. Smart Materials,
  97. Process Validation,
  98. Factory Information Systems,
  99. 3D Metrology,
  100. Advanced Welding Techniques, and more. 

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Unveiling “Write for Us” + Manufacturing Insights: Leveraging Advantages for Professional Growth

  • The advantages for contributors include connecting with industry professionals,
  • Fostering collaborations,
  • Showcasing innovative ideas, and 
  • Boosting their profile within manufacturing community, potentially leading to career opportunities and professional growth.

Submitting write-ups:

  • Kindly submit your write-ups for review (or) direct publication to [email protected].
  • If you need any clarifications, please email our editorial team.

Final Notes:

Cieldegloire’s editorial crew may modify (or) remove parts of your submission. Once approved, don’t submit your Manufacturing write-ups elsewhere. Cieldegloire’s team will contact you before (or) within 24 hours after Write for Us Manufacturing guest post submission. Contributors can choose any Manufacturing-related topics.

Were guidelines helpful for crafting Manufacturing write-ups? Share your thoughts in comments.  

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