Write for Us Travel Paid: Guidelines And Benefits 2023!

All Information About Write for Us Travel Paid

Are you a blogger, expert or company in the travel and tourist industry? Do you want to share your knowledge or expertise in the travel industry with a global audience? Globalization and economic prosperity at the international level have increased the aspirations of travellers at the global level. The lack of awareness about different destinations has increased the search for digital posts that help travellers increase their awareness of visiting places.

XYZ website invites experts, bloggers and portals from the travel industry to share their unique travel posts on its platform. Contributors can get free access to thousands of regular visitors on the XYZ website by sharing their articles for the Write for Us Travel Paid blog. 

About Us: XYZ Website:

XYZ digital platform delivers regular content in categories such as website reviews, product reviews, and news. Its team of writers has ensured quality content under these niches that have attracted a global audience. The content on our website is based on internet research from the legitimate web portal. This website has no business association or relationship with other news portals or publication groups. 

Online shoppers are the main visitors to our website review posts, while product reviews are popular among shoppers looking for product details in the digital space. The global news section covers all the international events visitors are looking for online.

Write for Us + Travel Paid Guidelines:

  • The travel post length should be between five hundred to one thousand words. 
  • Contributors should avoid grammatical errors in the article and ensure a Grammarly score of 98+.
  • Two quality links should be attached to the travel post after 80% completion of the guest blog.
  • SEO rules of the search engine should be followed by contributors to ensure a higher rank in the SERP.
  • Websites with a spam score of 3% and above should not be used as links for the travel guest blog.
  • XYZ website accepts content that is original and free of any plagiarism.
  • Travel Paid Write for Us article should contain a Title, introduction, heading, sub-heading and description in a sequential manner. 
  • The title of the content should attract the audience searching for a blog on the Travel keyword.
  • The keyword density should be maintained between .75 to 1% of the blog length.
  • Active voice should be used for over 90% of the guest posts.
  • Contributor should use simple language and friendly tone for writing the travel guest blog.
  • Content should have the ability to engage the audience for a brief period.
  • Images used for the guest post content should be free of any copyright issues.

“Write for Us” + Travel Paid Benefits for Contributors:

  • Travel posts will get free access to thousands of visitors coming to the XYZ website.
  • XYZ digital team will provide targeted keywords for the guest post, ensuring higher visibility on search engines.
  • The guest blog will remain active on the website, allowing regular traffic to flow to it.
  • Bloggers and writers from the Travel industry can check their skills by collecting the guest post metrics.
  • Website publishing travel posts can check the feedback of their targeted audience by sharing posts on the XYZ website.
  • Travel Companies can write blogs for their targeted audience.
  • Bloggers and travel industry experts can share informative Travel Paid + “Write for Us” posts on travel destinations.
  • Aviation Companies can share informative posts on various issues for travellers.

Type of Guest Post accepted by XYZ Website:

  • We accept content that is well-researched and of high quality.
  • Contributors should share content that is related to travel topics and avoid submitting articles on other topics.
  • XYZ Website accepts and publishes informative content that adds value to victors searching for it. 
  • Avoid submitting articles that contain promotional or marketing links.
  • The article submitted for the guest post should not be shared with another publication.
  • Travel posts should be fresh with no history of earlier publication.

Who can contribute to the Travel Paid “Write for Us” Guest post?

  • Bloggers and writers publishing articles on travel industry.
  • Website publishing regular travel blog for a global audience.
  • Expert from aviation, railways and other sectors providing passenger transport services. 
  • Travel company providing railways, air tickets and travel services to passengers.
  • Tourist Company offering foreign and national trips to targeted travellers.
  • Government tourist departments are interested in attracting foreign travellers to their respective countries. 

What is Write for us Travel Guest Post? 

Travel Guest Post is a unique initiative of the XYZ website to allow travel bloggers, experts and companies to share their posts on the platform. Travellers mostly search for travel Write for Us + Travel Paid posts that help them make their foreign or national trip cost-effective and hassle-free. XYZ travel posts allow different travel and tourist industry players to share their knowledge and offers with their audience. 

The post will help the website get additional traffic from the travel niche on its platform while contributors can share their thoughts with the audience. People coming regularly to the XYZ website will get articles from traveler’s niche in addition to regular topics. Therefore, travel posts are beneficial to every stakeholder, like contributors, XYZ website and its traditional audience. 

Topics for Travel Paid Write for Us Guest post:

  • How to save money from an upcoming trip
  • Post on travel insurance
  • How to survive Jet lag
  • Buying cheap air tickets
  • Top destination for Families, Couples and Kids
  • Best currency exchange in a given country
  • Best Travel Backpacks
  • Education tours
  • Most affordable Hotel on given destination.
  • How to Plan Round the World Trip
  • Theme Parks around the World
  • World Best Beaches

How to apply for the travel guest post?

Bloggers, experts and writers from the travel industry interested in writing travel-paid guest posts can contact us at [email protected]. Contributors should highlight the travel guest post opportunity in the email’s subject line. 


Write for Us Travel Paid post has shared the guidelines, topics and benefits for contributors interested in sharing their article on the XYZ website. Bloggers and writers should follow all the above guidelines before submitting their guest posts. People having any query related to the travel paid guest post can reach us at above mentioned email. 

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