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Latest News Armored Truck Robbery Calumet City

Get an in-depth knowledge about the viral news Armored Truck Robbery Calumet City, by reading an article that contains all the facts.

Have you heard this shocking news of an armored robbery? In today’s discussion, we share a very sensitive incident recently in Calumet City. The news has come up from the United States, and the nation’s readers are discussing it on various social platforms. 

Readers are eager to know details about Armored Truck Robbery Calumet CityHere we will study this viral news.


Disclaimer- The article educates you about the news correctly because all the mentioned facts are taken from reliable internet sources.

What about the Armored Truck Robbery in Calumet City?

On Wednesday, armed robberies occurred against three armored trucks in Chicago, Lansing, and Calumet City. In Calumet City, off the Bishop Ford Motorway on Sibley Boulevard, a Pete’s Fresh Market parking lot was the scene of the first robbery of a Brinks armored truck. This occurred before ten in the morning.

In the south suburban area of Lansing, a Loomis truck was stolen at around noon. The most recent crime scene occurred at Wallace and 31st Streets in the Bridgeport neighborhood around 2:30 p.m., directly across from the NuMark Credit Union.

Is the news going viral on Twitter?

The news has been posted on Twitter. However, as per the report of the police, there are no injuries found. Surveillance photos taken during this week’s robbery of an armored truck have been made public by federal authorities. Pictures of suspects are posted on Twitter.

No one has been arrested; the FBI is still working on the pictures and videos. The FBI has released the website Tips can be sent if someone recognizes robbers. Readers discuss this news on various social sites, including Redditt. 

This news has been posted on it. An armored truck driver posted an incident on Redditt that happened when the truck was stolen.

On Sibley Boulevard in Calumet City, a team of four armed suspects robbed the truck at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday before escaping. They may have received assistance from a driver. This news shocked the police that there were three robberies in a day. The driver was assaulted during the incident, as seen by a staff member inside the shop. 

What is the latest update on Armored Truck Robbery Calumet City?

The FBI was called to a robbery of an armored truck at 1968 Sibley Blvd. on Wednesday around 9:40 a.m.The FBI claims that the truck was robbed by four young Black men who were armed, along with an unidentified driver. 

It is unknown whether the same criminals were responsible for all three robberies. Two people were detained shortly after the Bridgeport robbery, according to Chicago police. According to FOX 32 Chicago, the two robbers stole about $400,000 from the armored truck before the police captured them.

Armored Truck Robbery Calumet City

According to a witness, two suspects took money boxes from the armored truck while one held the driver at gunpoint. The eyewitness told FOX 32 Chicago that the man took a bag and a pair of big money boxes.

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The Final Verdict-

The police have not disclosed the incident’s specifics and the amount of money stolen. The connection between the robberies is currently unknown. 

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Armored Truck Robbery Calumet City: FAQ

Q.1 Where did the first robbery happen?

Ans- In Calumet City, around 9:35 a.m.

Q.2 Are there any injuries that occur?

Ans- No.

Q.3 How much money has been stolen by thieves?

Ans- Not known.

Q.4 Are these three robberies connected?

Ans- Still, an investigation is going on.

Q.5 How many men are involved in the robbery?

Ans- Four.

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