Vampire Survivors Flash Arrow: Check New Dlc Seal of the Lake Unlocks & Evolution Details Now! Read Wiki Table & Get Updated Reddit Link Now!

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This post is a depth discussion about how to unlock the Vampire Survivors Flash Arrow in the newly launched DLC of the game.

Are you a game lover and constantly trying and looking out for new updates in the games? This article will guide the players interested in knowing more about the new games and the recent updates on the games. The developers of Vampire Survivors have introduced a new version of the game’s DLC despite its already vast collections. 

Vampire Survivors is very popular in the United States. Read the post carefully to collect more information about the Vampire Survivors Flash Arrow and the new characters and weapons introduced. Collect more details through this post’s contents. 


Disclaimer: This post is not in promotion with any viral links or games. This post is only for informative purposes. We do not intend to hurt anyone’s emotions. 

What is the Flash Arrow in Vampire Survivors? 

The developers of Vampire Survivors have come up with the New Dlc in the game to increase the excitement among the players. Flash arrow is one of the most discussed weapons used by the character Keitha Mourt. 

Further, to obtain the Flash arrow, players must obtain this character first; the player must enter the new quest and look for ways to unlock new characters and weapons. However, Unlocks cannot be done easily. Links can be referred to for more understanding. 

What is the procedure to unlock the Flash Arrows in Vampire Survivors? 

At first, the flash arrow is bound to the character, but it can be unlocked for every character through the following steps:

  • Firstly, players can find Eleanor by the lake in the coffin.
  • As per Reddit, after that stage, one has to collect Spell stream, Spell strike and Spell String.
  • After that, by unlocking Maruto and it’s weapon, Eskizzibur, you can finally unlock the Keitha Mourt ranger and gain access to its weapon, Flash Arrow. 
  • Even after unlocking the Flash arrow, other characters can only access it by being in the game as Keitha Mourt for more than 15 minutes. 

How to evolve the Flash Arrow in Vampire Survivors? 

The Evolution of Flash Arrow into millionaire players must meet some basic requirements. At Lake Foscari, a ranger can find a treasure chest in which the following weapons can be found Such as:

  • Flash arrow at maximum level. 
  • Clover at maximum level 
  • Bracer at Maximum level. 

Vampire Survivors: Gameplay 

Players can survive while selecting and unlocking various characters and weapons. One of the main spots of the new DLC is the Seal of the Lake. Players must play with a mindset to survive as long as possible in the endless stages. 

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Final Verdict 

Vampire Survivors can be played on PC, Xbox One, Android and iOS. New surprises can be expected throughout the quest

Do you have any new techniques and rewards for Vampire Survivors? Do tell in the comments section down below.

Vampire Survivors Flash Arrow: FAQs

Q1. What is the newly developed DLC? 

The Tides of the Foscari is the newly launched quest of Vampire Survivors. 

Q2. What are Vampire Survivors?

It is a kind of shoot game published and developed by Luca Galante, also called Poncle. 

Q3. When did the game release? 

As per Wiki sources, the game was launched in 2022.

Q4. Who is the easiest hero of the Vampire survivors? 

Imelda Belpaese is one of the easiest heroes of all time with a magic wand. 

Q5. What is the game plot? 

The setting was rural Italy in 2021; the characters aim to hunt and take down the Bisconte Draculó.

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