Brady Niver Obituary: Who Was Brady Niver? How Did The Accident Occur? Check Full Incident Details

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Have you heard about Brady Niver? Who is he? Are you willing to get to know more information about him? Is he dead? If yes, how did he die? The information about him is getting viral all over the United States. Are you one of them? If yes, you have ended up at the right place. The current information about him will be mentioned in this article. The Brady Niver Obituary is getting viral all over the internet.  Let us read below to know more. 


Who is Brady Niver? 

Brady is a high school student who was 16 years of age. He was a student of Fulton G Ray Bodley High School. Niver is also a standout varsity wrestler who was very famous for his wrestling. Brady was one of a set of triplets. He had gone through several heart surgeries when he was young.  Not much information is available about where was he born and more. Recently he has gone viral all over the internet after he witnessed an accident with his girlfriend. To know more kindly read below.   

Is Brady Niver Dead? 

Since the news about his accident got viral all over the internet. This is the most searched question on the internet. Many people from all around the world are concerned about Brady and are willing to find out all the information about him. Brady’s parents and siblings are very worried about him since he has witnessed the accident. This accident took place on 30th April 2023 and involved his 17-year-old girlfriend as well. The couple was driving on state Route 48 in Granby on April 30 where they crashed into a car.  

Fulton High School Accident 

The couple who witnessed this deadly accident are no more alive. Yes, you have heard it right. We feel sad to break out to you that they are no more. Brady’s girlfriend Rylee Bartlett was killed then and there while they crashed into another car. Brady who was in the hospital after this accident for eight days has also died. Brady was in the passenger seat and got badly injured in the accident which led to his death. Their parents and friends are very sad after getting to know about their death. The sudden death of the kids has left everyone heartbroken. 

How did the Accident Occur? 

Everyone is willing to get detailed information about how did this accident occur. Well, the accident happened on April 30th. This couple who were dating since class seven were heading toward the junior prom on a Friday. The news about the accident was confirmed by the police and they were immediately rushed to the hospital. As per sources, the district wrote a letter to the school community regarding the accident. His girlfriend was driving and their cars crossed lanes on Rt, 48 where hit an oncoming cat at 5:30 pm. They both had been in a relationship for many years. 

More information about the accident 

Since the news about Brady Niver Obituary has gone viral. The people are left heartbroken. It was a very sad day for the school and their parents as well. The couple was in a Dodge as stated by Sheriff’s office. Brady’s mother was very confident about his strength and posted about him on the internet. But sadly, her son lost his life, and her faith got shattered. Brady was 16 years of age and his girlfriend was 17 years old. No information about his Obituary has been mentioned anywhere yet. 


As we have read above, the high school sweethearts have lost their lives in a car crash. The couple was together for a long time and shared a very special bond amongst themselves. Their death has saddened everybody around the world, especially their close ones. To know more kindly click on this link 

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 Brady Niver Obituary FAQs 

Q1. Who was Brady Niver? 

Brady was a 16-year-old boy. 

Q2. Who was his girlfriend? 

His girl was Rylee Bartlett. 

Q3. How did they die? 

They both died in a car accident while they were leading toward the prom. 

Q4. When did the accident happen? 

This accident took place on 30 April 2023. 

Q5. How old were they? 

Brady was 16 years old and Rylee was 17 years old. 

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