Tiffany Chen Robert De Niro Baby: How Old Is Robert de Niro Wife? Check His Profile In LinkedIn, Reddit, And Facebook, Also Find His Net Worth Details

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Who is Tiffany Chen and Robert de Niro? Is Robert de Niro has a girlfriend? Robert De Niro, the famous actor, welcomed his seventh baby recently. The legendary actor just had a baby, and he revealed and spoke about fatherhood. After hearing this news, Robert De Niro’s fans from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and other countries were surprised. Read Tiffany Chen Robert de Niro Baby article for more interesting information about the children.


Is Robert De Niro has a child?

The famous actor Robert de Niro was interviewed on ET to share the film experience of About My Father. Robert stated the truth about his fatherhood experience. Robert and Brittnee Blair were talking about his father’s love language. When the host Blair said I know you have six kids. The legendary actor’s representatives replied to the host immediately after reaching out. He said that I have seven kids. I just had a baby.

Robert de Niro LinkedIn

The 79-year-old Robert De Niro is once again a father now. Recently, Robert, the legendary actor, welcomed his seventh baby. The famous actor exposed in a recent interview spoke about his new baby and his fatherhood. He also revealed arguments that happened with his children. 

Robert de Niro, the legendary actor, has been married two times. His first wife has two children, and his second wife also has two children. Robert de Niro is a father of two more kids with his former girlfriend.

Tiffany Chen’s Reddit

Tiffany Chen, the martial arts instructor, recently accidentally made waves. As per sources, she delivered a baby and is now the mother of Robert De Niro, the legendary actor’s seventh child. 

Robert De Niro, the legendary actor, announced in an interview and on social media pages that he welcomed his seventh child. The entire world was shocked after announcing his seventh child at the age of 79 with his longtime girlfriend, Tiffany Chen. 

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Tiffany Chen How Old

Tiffany Chen’s biography is found on her website. On that website, she stated that she entered a martial arts competition at 16 in 1994. Therefore, this statement makes Tiffany Chen’s age 46 in the present day. 

Tiffany Chen has been involved in sports and spent all her life in other activities. She was mostly involved in ballet, swimming, Hula dancing, and gymnastics. William C.C. Chen was Tiffany Chen’s father, Tai Chi’s great grandmaster. 

Tiffany Chen – Martial Arts Instructor

At the age of 5, Tiffany Chen was involved in performing Gymnastics. She updated her personal information on Facebook. When Chen was 8, Tiffany started skating and winning three gold medals at 11. She received gold medals in Tai Chi’s national and international competitions like Boxing and Chinese Martial Arts.

Tiffany Chen won the gold medal in World Kuoshu Championship conducted in Brazil Sao Paolo. She defeated Aimme Jurewicz in the competition. 

Tiffany Chen is a great martial arts instructor. Tiffany Chen is from New York City. In 2015, Robert De Niro and Chen worked together on the film The Intern. They welcomed their first baby together recently in May 2023.

How Old Is Robert de Niro Wife?

As per sources, Robert De Niro, The Hollywood actor, has been married twice. Roberts’s first wife is the actress Diahnne Abbot. Diahnne is a singer and actress born in New York. She got married in 1976 at the age of 27, and they together have two children, Drna, 51, and Raphael, 46. Robert De Niro and Diahnne Abbott were married for 12 years.

Robert’s Second wife is Grace, and he has two more children, Elliot, 25, and Helen, 11. He has twin kids Aaron and Julian, 27, with Toukie Smith, his former girlfriend.

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We conclude with Tiffany Chen Robert de Niro BabyRobert De Niro, the legendary Hollywood actor, welcomed his seventh baby with Tiffany Chenhis girlfriend. Get more interesting information about Robert De Niro’s Seventh Child at this link.

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Tiffany Chen Robert de Niro Baby: FAQ

Q1. Who is Robert de Niro?

The legendary Hollywood actor.

Q2. Who is Tiffany Chen?

Martial art Instructor

Q3. What is Robert de Niro’s Net Worth?

$520 Million approximately.

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