Bud Light Scandal: Why Is Kid Rock Mad at Her? Why Does He Hate This Woman? Why Did He Shoot Her & Now What Will She Do? Know Details Here!

Latest News Bud Light Scandal

The post on Bud Light Scandal elucidates and sheds light with complete clarification on the actual incident. Check the post for precise data.

Have you ever had a drink from Bud Light? Did you refer to the latest reports related to Bud Light? People are boycotting on social media against Bud Light. Many celebs are also supporting this boycott. The United States wants to stop the supply of this drink in the market. 

They are furious and circulating the hurt messages through the social platform. But what is the reason for the Bud Light Scandal This post uncovers the complete story regarding this protest. Read and get genuine reports here.

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The scandal reports of Bud Light

People are furious regarding the Bud Light scandal. All this started after one Instagram post that went viral on the social platform. 

This post contains a video uploaded by Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender woman. She thanks Bud Light for sending a can with her face embedded in it. It was to celebrate the 365th day of the series. 

Why Is Kid Rock Mad at Bud Light?

After this post, many boycotted Bud Light for their partnership with a transgender woman. Numerous celebs showcase their support in this boycott.

Kid Rock, a singer and rapper from America posted a video backlashing Bud Light. In this video, he is supporting the public against Bud Light. He seems more furious in a 35-second clip. He addressed the backlash by firing multiple gunshots in the Bud Light beer cans.

This clip posted on Twitter went viral, and people wondered, Why Did Kid Rock Shoot Bud Light? Let us stay here and get more information below.

More about Kid Rock’s viral video

On 3rd April 2023, Kid Rock shared a video that targets the Bud Light cans. The rifle was used to shoot the cans. He states that he is doing so as a response to the owner of Bud Light, who made a partnership with a transgender woman for his brand.

Kid Rock destroyed all the Bud Light cans arranged and turned to the camera, saying f—Asheuser-Bush and F—Bud Light. Further, we will discuss the response from Bud Light in this video.

What Did Bud Light Do Now? 

Bud Light noticed a viral clip of Kid Rock and the public opposition. They instantly responded with their genuine reply. In their reply, Anheuser Busch, an owner of Bud Light, defended the alliance with Dylan Mulvaney. 

The Bud Light owner said that the can with her face was just a gift to her. It is not a political move. It is genuinely to increase the audience reach and popularity. This decision is usually taken for business by collaborating with an influencer. 

However, the answer to, Why Does Kid Rock Hate Bud LightIt is still a mystery. 

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The Kid Rock video against Bud Light is all over the internet. We do not know whether Kid Rock had any personal grudge against the owner of Bud Light. Though, circulating such a hater’s message by a celeb like Kid Rock is unacceptable. 

Did the Kid Rock video give the right message? Comment your view now.

Bud Light Scandal–FAQs

Q1. Who is Dylan Mulvaney? 

She is a transgender woman activist and an influencer.

Q2. When Dylan Mulvaney posted an Instagram Video?

1st April 2023 

Q3. What was Dylan Mulvaney celebrating?

365 days of girlhood

Q4. How did Dylan Mulvaney become famous? 

Dylan created a TikTok series where she shared her journey of gender transformation. She gained tremendous attention and support through this series.

Q5. How many views did Kid Rock gain? 

32.2 million views on Twitter post

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