Owasso Murder Suicide: Were Couple Reside Near Vision Source? Check Details Here!

Latest News Owasso Murder Suicide

The article shares the details of the current Owasso Murder Suicide news; for more relevant updates, keep reading it until it closes.

Did you hear about the recent possible murder-suicide case in Owasso? Who is involved in the murder suicide case? Are the Police still investigating the matter? Want more essential updates on the case?

Murder-Suicide cases are frequent, and the recent Owasso case is grabbing much attention, especially in the United States. We will discuss more on the trending Owasso Murder Suicide news here. Keep reading the blog until the end.

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What happened in the Owasso murder-suicide case?

The Rogers County Sheriffs identified a recent murder-suicide case in Owasso. The Deputies found a Couple dead inside their residence. The Children of the Couple informed the Police about the possible murder-suicide case. The County Sherriffs disclosed that the deceased Couple were in their 60s and possibly lived near Vision Source Owasso.

A media house named News On 6 shared a post. The post is captioned as investigators confirmed the identity of the two people killed in the murder-suicide in Owasso.

Who is suspected of the murder?

The Deputies identified the dead Couple as Gerald Arrington and Carla Arrington. According to the investigators, the husband Gerald first gunshot his wife to kill her and then committed suicide. So, the husband is suspected of being the murderer of his wife. The investigating officers also found several gunshot wounds on Carla’s body.

Are the investigators active near Vision Source Owasso?

The sources reported the investigators are still active with the case in the nearby locations of Owasso. The investigators are gathering more evidence to clarify the tragic incident.

A Reddit user shared a post on the News. The user mentioned that the Police are investigating the murder-suicide case in Owasso.

Statement of the Officers

An Enforcement officer Major Jenkins said the Couple might have prior mental health issues. The officer also stated that the Couple had some issues before the tragic incident. Currently, the officers have just investigated the tip for the Owasso Murder Suicide case.

Statement of the Neighbours

After investigating the deceased Couple’s neighbors, it was found that they had no idea about the case. Many neighbors mentioned that the Couple seemed to be happy and healthy. A neighbor said the deceased Couple welcomed him and his wife in the neighborhood and were always kind. Click Here 

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Owasso Murder Suicide-FAQs

Q1. Where did the murder-suicide take place?

A. The murder-suicide occurred near South 4050 Road & East 116th North Street in Owasso.

Q2. When the Murder-suicide in Owasso occurred?

The incident occurred on Monday around 4:30 a.m.

Q3. Who informed the Police?

AThe deceased couple’s children informed the Police.

Q4. When was the Police informed?

The children informed the Police around 8 a.m.

Q5. What was the age of the deceased couple?

The husband was 68 years old, and the wife was 69 years old.

Q6. How did the couple die?

The husband shoots his wife with a gun to kill her and then shoots himself with the same gun.

Q7. Were the Couple facing mental health issues? 

The investigating officers suspect that the Couple had some mental health issues.

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