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The write-up on Christina Gourkani Before Surgery clarifies the doubt of her death with deep research. Read now to explore the essential facts.

Do you know about Christina Gourkani? Do you know the reason for fame? Christina became well-known after she started posting pics on the social platform. She got massive comments on the post from all over the United Statesthe United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Christina Gourkani tagged her first post with Kim Kardashian lookalike. She seems similar to Kim, which attracted more social media viewers. Hence, shocking her fans with her recent death news. 

People are eager to learn about Christina Gourkani Before Surgery details. Read and get the in-depth news here.


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About Christina Gourkani before death and surgery post

Christina Gourkari’s last post before her surgery was a pic of herself with the caption Happy Tuesday 1,2,3 with a heart emoji. She posted her picture on Instagram where she wears a florescent colour neon top. She is smiling on the post and seems happy.

Reddit viewers flooded their comments to know about the cause of her death. Our research found some interesting facts related to her death. Read down and get the details here.

How did Christina Gourkani die?

Christina Gourkani frequently goes through plastic surgeries to resemble Kim Kardashian. In a similar surgery, Christina got a sudden cardiac arrest that took her life in the hospital.

Christina was recovering after the surgery and was under observation. Doctors did not mention any other concerns that she was facing before death.

Christina’s fans got to know the news of her death after they went to start a Fund Me page. The account seems to be built to get money for the funeral service. 

Christina’s followers on her social platform, like OnlyFans, and Instagram, were upset after her death news. Hence, her family receives random calls to know about her death in more detail. But, we suggest not disturbing the family going through the loss.

Social platform of Christina Gourkani

Christina Ashten Gourkani is a well-known model on social platforms like Onlyfans and Instagram. She was active and connected with her fans daily. On Instagram, she is known as ashtens_empire. 

At the Age of 34 years, her looks are too young that match Kim Kardashian. She got famous due to Kim’s lookalike status and was successful with 626K followers.

About Christina’s Funeral and Obituary

Christina Gourkani took her last breath on 20th April 2023. The international model death was uncertain, and she got to know through the fundme page started by her family.

The family needs the money for her funeral and medical cost. Till 26th April 2023, the family got around $4000. No data reveals the date and time of Christina’s Obituary and funeral.

Do you know the Ethnicity of Christina Gourkani? We investigated it and got additional data about her life in the next section.

Christina Gourkani Wiki

  • Full name: Christina Ashten Gourkani
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Date of birth: 1988
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Married: No
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: 125lbs
  • Profession: Model, Social media Influencer, Content Creator
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Boyfriend: Unknown

Christina was always active and well-connected with her followers. She established her name on social media to her outstanding similarity to Kim Kardashian. All these supported her to gain a Net Worth of around 12000 dollars in the short span of her career.

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Christina Gourkina’s death was shocking to all her fans. It was sudden news to her fans. The investigators confirmed that her death was due to a heart attack during surgery.

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Christina Gourkani Before Surgery –FAQ

Q1. When did Christina Ashten Gourkani post her last Insta post?

19th April 2023

Q2. What are the plastic surgeries that Christina Gourkani did till her death? 

Buttok fix, botox, fillers, breast enlargement and more

Q3. When was her first post of Christina Gourkani on Instagram?

July 2021, pictures of Christina in Thailand were posted first with Hashtag ‘KimKlookalik’. 

Q4. When did Christina start her Insta page? 

Her first post was on July 2021. But the exact date of the start is unknown.

Q5. Who are there in Christina Gourkani’s family? 

There is no information about her family in any sources.

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