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Harry Belafonte LinkedIn write-up details the life and achievement of the American pop singer known as calypso king.

Did Harry Belafonte make the life of the average American better? Was his fight against racism and worker oppression made him a greater person than his peers? Harry Belafonte died at 96 in his native city New York with close ones by his side. 

The lawmakers, clergy, industrialist and others from the United States celebrated the artist’s life on Tuesday, remembering him as an “uncompromising man”. The tribute started pouring in for the man known as “Calypso King”, and civil rights activist for oppressed Americans. Harry Belafonte LinkedIn pays tribute to the pop singer by sharing details of his life and achievement.

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Disclaimer: The post content is based on an internet investigation with an obituary announcement. It intends to celebrate the deceased’s life by sharing details of his work and achievement.

Calypso King Harry Belafonte Dies at 96:

Harry Belafonte, the pop singer, actor and civil rights activist, died on Tuesday at his Manhattan house. At the time of his death, his wife Pamela was by his side with other close relatives. The spokesperson of the deceased star has given “congestive heart failure” as the cause of his death. 

Harry has a diverse fan base, and some of his fans were searching for a LinkedIn profile of the star, but it is not present in the digital space.

Harry Belafonte Family and Early Life:

Harry was born to Harold George Bellanfanti and Malvine Clarasteen Wright at Lying Hospital in Harlem, New York City. Harry Pop was born to Jamaican parents and worked as a chef while his mother was a housekeeper. Harry lived with his grandparents in Jamaica during his childhood days.

He returned to America for schooling and later joined the Navy to serve in World War 2. He also took classes in acting at The New School, New York.

Harry Belafonte Wife:

Harry had three wives during his lifetime; he married Marguerite Byrd and had two kids with her. The star divorced Byrd in 1953 and got involved with actress Joan Collins while acting in the film Island in the Sun. The affair with the actress ended soon, and he married his second life partner Julie Robinson in 1957.

The forty-seven-year-old marriage with Julie Robinson ended in 2004, and he again got married in 2008. The third marriage in 2008 was with photographer Pamela Frank. 

Harry Belafonte Children:

Harry was the proud pop of four kids and had five large grandkids from them. He had three daughters and one son. Two kids were from their first partner, Byrd, named Adrienne and Shari, while the other two kids were from his second life partner Julie Robinson. All his kids kept in touch with Star till his last time.

David Belafonte is his only son from Julie Robin, while Gina Belafonte is his youngest daughter. Most of his kids are engaged in the entertainment industry and lead their lives independently.

Harry Belafonte Wiki:

Name  Harold George Belafonte Jr.
Nickname  Harry Belafonte 
Father  Harold George Bellanfanti
Mother  Malvine Clarasteen Wright
Date of birth  1st March 1927
Place of Birth  Harlem, New York City, United States
Current residence  Manhattan, New York City 
Profession  Singer, actor and social activist 
Nationality  American 
Religion  Not known
Ethnicity  African-American
Marital status  Married 
Spouse  Three 
Died on  25th April 2023
Age  96
Kids  Four 
Political association  Democrat
Awards  Three Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and Tony Award
Girlfriend  Joan Collins

Harry Belafonte Songs and Movies:

Some famous songs of the calypso king are Mary’s Boy Child, Jamaica Farewell and Day-O from The Banana Boa Song. Carmen Jones, Odds Against Tomorrow and Island in the Sun are some of his famous movies.

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Harry has many achievements, but popularizing calypso music in America and becoming the first black lead in Hollywood differentiated him from his peers. People also appreciate his work done in the social field for oppressed and marginal classes. Did Harry change the life of average Americans? Please comment.


Harry Belafonte LinkedIn: FAQs

Q.1 When did Harry receive Kennedy Center Honours Award?

Harry received Kennedy Center Honours Award in 1989.

Q.2 Who inspired Harry’s political beliefs?

Harry’s political belief was inspired by his mentor Paul Robeson.

Q.3 What is the Net worth of Harry Belafonte?

Harry Belafonte’s net worth is estimated at around $ 30 million.

Q.4 Which of his album sold more than a million copies for the first time in the country?

Harry’s album Calypso becomes the first to sell more than a million copies for a single artist.

Q.5 Was Harry Belafonte’s Dad place of birth Jamaica?

There is little dispute related to Harry pop place of birth.

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