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Scroll down the article to know about the recent famous viral debacle of Orange Crush Video Twitter and further details of the Orange Festival 2023.

Do you know the latest controversy over the orange crush bathroom viral video? Do you know about the famous debacle going viral on online networks? If not, then through this article, we will discuss further the basic details of the incident and get to know the reason behind its popularity. Also, know the aftermath of the scandal. His incident has occurred in the United States

Let us get forward in the post and know more about Orange Crush Video Twitter and the related details. Follow the blog for a better understanding.

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What is the controversy related to the Orange Crush viral video?

This year, the Orange Crush continues to make headlines in the news and articles because of the event. The internet is filled with posts, pictures, videos, and memes of the students involved, especially niggas who dominate the internet by being present in the Orange Crush 2023

Netizens on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., widely share drone shots and other pictures. Reference links are attached for more details. 

Further details of the festival on Tybee Island

According to the reports, the police have arrested 18 people for the rule’s violations and 37 citations for traffic rules violations, and 53 counts of code enforcement violations. The last weekend was the busiest for the police as the people in the festival continued to make misconduct, and several arrests were made. 

The local authorities tried their best to arrange and maintain control. Still, they failed to control the Orange Crush Festival 2023, which resulted in people committing civil and criminal offenses. The event is held after two years.

What are the major highlights of the event?

As the massive crowd erupted in the event, various things happened over the event, which took the internet by storm. Major issues like traffic jams on streets, loud music blasting through the island roads, fighting, shooting, and intoxicated students have affected the island system and the nearby areas. Many got severely injured due to assaults or from gun firing. 

On what platforms is the video available online?

The Orange Crush Bathroom Video is circulating on social media very much. The video showed an intoxicated girl engaging in explicit acts with a boy in the bathroom while a girl recording the clip was also in the bathroom. The video has created a whole new controversy among internet users. Another indecent exposure in public videos has also come forward; the police have charged them with public misconduct. 

What is the Orange Crush Festival?

The Orange Crush festival has begun in the 1980’s era for the HBCU alum and students to gather and celebrate. The beach festival is for people to have fun while on the water to enjoy the Orange Crush Video Twitter for young people. 

What was Tybee’s Mayor’s statement on the controversy? 

The mayor of the Island, Shirley Sessions, said in a statement that the festival was out of control and chaotic. But he is glad that no lives were lost, and they will try to handle the events better in the future.

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This festival has a reputation for being vulgar and out of control. To know more details about the incident, tap on the link below. 

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Orange Crush Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1. Where was the Orange Crush festival held?

The festival was organized at Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia.

Q2. What is the duration of the festival on Tybee Island? 

The festival was held for three days, from 21st April 2023 to 23rd April 2023.

Q3. What is the Orange Crush Festival? 

It is a kind of beach party for the HBCU college students. 

Q4. How many people are arrested at the Orange Crush? 

The police authorities arrest 18 in charge of assault and misconduct. 

Q5. What are the major highlights of the event? 

The event’s main highlight was the Orange Crush Video Twitter of the bathroom, traffic jams, fighting, and shootings. 

Q6. Where did the festival originally move from? 

After 2021, the festival moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Tybee Island in 2023.

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