{Unedited} Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam: Explore Complete Information On Coronation Concert Twitter And Peoples Reaction

Latest News Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam

Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam will discuss one of the most awaited events, and how Ticketmaster mail disappoints people.

Does Ticketmaster also trick you? What is the whole matter? Are you a resident of the United Kingdom? Is attending a Royal concert at Windsor Castle your dream? Who will be performing at the concert?

There are much confusion and dispute regarding the ballot ticket after people receive emails from the Ticketmaster. Let us scroll below to find out Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam.

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What is the coronation ticket dispute- Is it a scam?

If you know about the King Charles coronation concert that will be held on May 7, attending the event may be one of your wish lists these days. What could be more thrilling than a mail from the Ticketmaster saying successful ticket allocations? But what if you later discover the tickets are no more available and sold out on a first-come, first-served basis? How does this sound to you? The same thing happened to many people resulting in disappointment and frustration.

Where does the confusion arise?

Fans criticize Ticketmaster over the mess created by them regarding Coronation Concert Twitter. In February, 5000 pairs of tickets have to be distributed based on the geographical spread of the UK with the ballot process. It was nowhere mentioned that it was first come, first served.

However, the confusion started yesterday when Ticketmaster said the unclaimed tickets would be available to anyone who previously did not win. The Ticketmaster email stated, “Congratulations.” The ticket will be offered to randomly selected ballot winners on a first come, first serve basis. And you need to act quickly (until 12:00 on April 27) to claim it.

Another mail they receive within 10 minutes stating tickets are currently unavailable.

Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam– People’s Reaction

After the second mail, the scam rumour started spreading on the internet when it suggested that we are unable to find tickets right now. People share their devastation on social media. The reactions clearly show their frustration with Ticketmaster.

One of the Royal fans said it was like I got an offer for ice cream, but it melted before I could grab it.

One said I was busy volunteering and unable to check my phone meanwhile received another mail from Ticketmaster suggesting it was already gone.

One said I already booked the hotel after getting the mail.

Another person said the misleading messages from coronation concert tickets and that it was Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam.

Some brief about the Royal concert at Windsor Castle:

Some brief about the Royal concert at Windsor Castle

The Sunday evening of May 7 is going to witness King Charles’s coronation concert at Windsor Castle’s gardens. The event will begin at 8 o’clock and is expected to last for two to three hours. Many followers of the Royal Coronation are excited about the concert, but only those who have won tickets can entertain it live. Those who have not can watch it when it aired live on BBC stations.

To honour the new monarch, many popular faces, music icons, and celebrities will perform. Some are Katy Perry, Alexis Ffrench, Andrea Bocelli, and more.


Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam messages are taken from the internet source and are subject to change. You can always follow the official website for the latest information.


There is a lot of buzz on the internet regarding the coronation event of King Charles that will happen on May 7. However, there is also confusion created by Ticketmaster regarding the tickets for the event. You can follow the updates on the coronation concert on Twitter.

Are you affected by the Ticketmaster allocation mail? Do comment

Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam- FAQs

Q1. What is going to happen in Windsor Castle Garden?

The Windsor Castle Garden will witness King Charles’s coronation ceremony.

Q2. When is the concert?

The coronation ceremony concert will be held on May 7, 2023.

Q3. Who is performing at the coronation event?

Many popular faces like Katy Perry, Freya Ridings, and Sir Bryn will perform in the concert.

Q4. What is the scam news of Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster sends back-to-back two mail, one for allocating standing tickets to the coronation concert and another for the unavailable ticket.

Q5. How do people react to the two following mail from the Ticketmaster?

As soon as the Ticketmaster Coronation Concert Scam news broke on the internet, people started showing their frustration through tweets.

Q6. Can you still avail the ticket?

No, all tickets are sold out, and you cannot avail of it anymore.

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