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The below article helps you understand about the Direct Funding Phone Scam and some cautionary measures to avoid this financial scam.

Did you hear about this phone scam? Viewers are interested in this scam because it is a hot topic in the news right now. The news is getting around the United States. This scheme defrauds the public and many people lost their savings on this fraud. 

The Direct Funding Phone Scam will be discussed in more detail in the following section, and its users’ opinions will be solicited. To learn everything there is to know about this subject. So, continue to read the following paragraphs.


Disclaimer-In order to raise awareness among people, we are sharing this information based on online sources because we do not advocate for this type of scam.

Detail about the Phone Scam of Direct Funding-

This fraud happens when a caller pretends to be from a company you might typically do business with, like DIRECTV. The scammer will frequently call you and deliver free or drastically reduced services or assert that the gadget is outdated and should be changed. It is a way to obtain money via a phone call known as communication fraud.

What are the Direct Funding Now Reviews?

In studying this fraud, we got mixed reviews from the clients. One of the clients stated that it is a fraudulent activity in which they offer business fund services. To respond to the messages, people are losing their savings. 

While an owner of a small business stated that they found help from direct funding when they were struggling in business. So, these services helped them to grow their business. Few of the clients stated that they got satisfied with services during working with the funding team. The staff is educated and helps clients get a good mortgage deal. It is a top-notch company.

Is the news Direct Funding Phone Scam trending on social networking platforms?

Numerous direct funding scam victims post their opinions on social media to raise public awareness. We discovered a lot of user comments on different kinds of social media networking sites. The victims of this scam talk about their experiences, including how the perpetrator contacted them. What kind of plan do the con artists intend to employ?

It promotes its services on various social media handlers, including Facebook. Here also get a few of the comments from its users. The Direct Funding Now Reviews video was also posted on TikTok, but we could not find its link.

Is Direct Funding Now creating a profile on LinkedIn?

This company has a profile page on LinkedIn, and you can read everything about the company’s policies and services. Leading provider of business financing, Direct Funding Now is committed to assisting and strengthening companies across the country with short- and long-term loans, lines of credit, funding for machinery, and other services.

What is the target audience of this kind of scam?

This scammer targets small business owners who have requested loans from the Small Business Administration.

How can you avoid a Direct Funding Phone Scam?

This type of mail or call shouldn’t bother you; it’s likely a scam and inefficient use of time. This particular type of mail has many warning signs inside of it. Before responding to this email or offering to conduct studies, you must thoroughly research the material.

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The Last Words

Recently financial fraud has been increasing because it is the easiest way to make money promptly. So, if you get this kind of lucrative offer, study more before going with them.  

Have you experienced this kind of fraud? Let’s tell us.

Direct Funding Phone Scam: FAQs-

Q.1 In which industry does Direct Funding Now fall?

Ans- It is a financial services provider company.

Q.2 Did you get details about the company on social media?

Ans- This company has a well-developed web page on social media.

Q.3 Are its reviews available?

Ans- Yes, in our study, we found mixed reviews.

Q.4 Is there any email address available?

Ans- You can send an email on[email protected]

Q.5 How can clients reach the company’s physical location?

Ans- 1 Park Plz Ste Suite #600, Irvine, CA 92614, United States.

Q.6 Does Direct Funding Phone Scam exist?

Ans- Yes, we get much negative feedback about its services.

Q.7 Is there any link available to scam?

Ans- No.

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