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This post is about Abby Steiner Michael Johnson to share an incident with the reader to make them aware with the recent defeat of Abby Steiner.

Who defeated Anny Steiner? Did the Jamaican sprinter defeat Abby? Was the defeat in 11.12 seconds? Are the queries from people across the United States and other global places emerging about the sprinter? 

People are keen to learn about the defeat of Abby Steiner. Besides, the defeat was through Ashanti Moore, and is most looked for on many social networking sites. So, let us check all about Abby Steiner Michael Johnson in this post below.



We disagree with the circumstances or the person concerned; we share only the most recent happenings and incidences. We are not aiming to disrespect anyone, either.

How was Abby Steiner defeated?

People are searching for the recent defeat of Abby Steiner. He was involved in illicit acts with a minor. They are also searching for whether any other pupils are involved in the alleged indecent conduct at a school in Granada Hills by a basketball coach.

According to officials, the Zelzah Avenue’s 10500 block’s high school where Gabriel Chavez, the 36-year-old of Chatsworth, coached basketball. That block is the home of Granada Hills Charter High School.

How was Abby Steiner Michael Johnson defeated?

Gabriel is accused of having an improper interaction with a juvenile when instructing at the high school, according to the police department in Los Angeles. Gabriel has been detained on a 310,000 USD bail after being accused of multiple charges of inappropriate actions on a juvenile.

Is the investigation in Gabriel’s case active?

To find and contact additional individuals who might be the past victims of Gabriel or might have witnessed him engaging in illicit conduct or activities, the LAPD’s Devonshire Detective Division and staff from the school are investigating in collaboration.

Did the law enforcement officials release Gabriel Chavez’s photograph?

Law enforcement officials have circulated Gabriel Chavez’s photograph to find any further sufferers or eyewitnesses.

The previous basketball coach of the high school in the circulated image is currently being detained for engaging in lewd behavior with a juvenile, and the law enforcement officials urge you to take a look and inform them if you have additional information.

Whom to reach out to give additional information about Abby Steiner Michael Johnson case?

You can reach the sexual assault investigators or detectives Ruben Arellano and Danielle Tumbleson in the Devonshire Area of the LAPD by dialing 818-832-0609 and informing them about any such information.

Calls made on weekends or outside of normal working hours must be sent to 1-877-527-3247. Besides, Crime Stoppers may be reached at 1-800-222-8477 to provide a confidential tip.

Professional details of Gabriel:

In January 2023, Chavez’s work with the institution ended. He had previously worked for and volunteered at other youth organizations across the city.

Quick Wiki of Abby Steiner Michael Johnson:

  • Real name- Gabriel Chavez 
  • Date of birth- Unknown
  • Age- 36 years
  • Parents- No information available
  • Marital status- No information available
  • Siblings- No information available
  • Profession- Basketball coach
  • Residence- Chatsworth 
  • Job location- Granada Hills Charter High School 
  • School location- Zelzah Avenue, Block number- 10500

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Abby Steiner, was recently defeated by Ashanti Moore and having inappropriate activities with a juvenile. The incident associated with the basketball coach is active, and law enforcement officials are looking into all aspects, including if any more pupils suffered the same. 

Did you hear about the basketball coach’s illicit behavior with a minor? Comment in the box below about how to avoid such incidents with minors. 

Abby Steiner Michael Johnson: FAQs

Q1. Which school is in the news for illicit conduct with a minor?

Granada Hills Charter High School is in the news for illicit conduct with a minor by the basketball coach.

Q2. Are there additional students involved in the basketball coach’s humiliation?

Law enforcement officials are investigating if any additional pupils are involved in the humiliation by a basketball coach.

Q3. What is the bail amount for a basketball coach?

The bail amount for the basketball coach is about 310,000 USD.

Q4. Who is investigating the Granada Hills High School’s case?

The police department in Los Angeles is investigating the Granada Hills High School case.

Q5. How do you contact online to provide further information about the incident?

You can reach when you have any details associated with the basketball coach’s incident.

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