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The below article provides information on the Nasierowska Zofia Wikipedia and tells the readers more details about Zofia.

Do you want to know about the celebrity Zofia Nasierowska? Recently, people from Worldwide have been looking for information about Zofia Nasierowska after Google pays her tribute. 

Therefore, if you want to know everything regarding Nasierowska Zofia Wikipedia and other facts, read the article until the end. This article will tell you about Zofia Nasierowska and why she’s so famous that Google paid her tribute. 


Who is Zofia Nasierowska?

Zofia Nasierowska is a famous Polish photographer whose work is famous Worldwide. On her birthday, Google put her image with a camera on Google Doodle to remember her work and personality. 

Zofia Nasierowska Biography

Let’s find out more information about the famous Polish photographer in detail. 

Full Name-  Zofia Wieslawa Nasierowska- Majewska
Age- 73
Profession- Writer
Other Profession- Artist, Photographer
Birthday- April 24, 1938
Birthplace- Lomianki, Poland
Nationality- Polish
Education qualification- Graduated
Died on- October 03, 2011
Achievements-  One of the famous photographers during her era

Zofia Naiserowska career timeline

Check out Zofia’s career timeline which makes her famous during that time.


During this time, Zofia started her artistic career before shifting toward photography. Initially, her main focus is to capture Photos of her family and friends with the help of different techniques. She likes to experiment with photography methods to get the best result. 


In the 1950s, Zofia started exhibiting her photographs in different galleries and captured events like cultural events in a community. 


She got recognition for her work and her photography methods. According to Zofia, she likes to capture the subject’s personality, and her portraits became famous because of the unusual lighting and different angles she used to capture them. 

Because of her unique photography skills, she became famous in Poland and other countries through exhibitions. 


As per Wiki, Zofia’s work got published in many photo galleries and exhibitions Worldwide. She became the mentor of many young photographers. She started teaching photography art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. 

The 2000s

Despite her advanced age, Zofia continued to exhibit her photographs. She was honored for contributing to Polish photography in 2008 at the National Museum in Krakow. 

Zofia Nasierowska Achievements and Facts 

In 2003, she was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta award. She got many other achievements and got honored at different places in Poland. That’s why Nasierowska Zofia Wikipedia is trending on the internet, as many people want to know about Zofia’s work and achievements.

Zofia uses unique methods to recreate the surreal images which are difficult to capture during that time. She used unorthodox methods, which included multiple exposures and manipulative negatives. 

She died because of a long-term illness. Her life was documented in a book by Karolina Lewandowska. Zofia’s Nasierowska husband is Janusz Majewski, and she has a son and a daughter.

Zofia tribute on Twitter

On Twitter, people pay tribute to the famous photographer Zofia Nasierowska on her birth anniversary. With Zofia’s picture on Google Doodle, many people started knowing about the famous photographer and her work during the 90s era. 

Many users like the initiative of Google to promote one of the best photographers in Poland after her death so that everyone would know about her. 

Zofia naiserowska family and friends 

Zofia’s father’s name is Eugeniusz Nasierowski. However, her mother’s name is not mentioned anywhere on the internet. Her Instagram account is quite famous, with around 1 million followers. 

Nasierowska Zofia Wikipedia social media page is filled with gorgeous pictures of her work. Users can check out her social media accounts anytime to check the photos.

Social Media link- 

Final Words 

With Google paying tribute to Zofia and her work, people interested in photography get to know about one of the most famous photographers in the world. It will help them to learn new things and get new ideas.

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Nasierowska Zofia WikipediaFAQs

1: What was Zofia’s age at the time of her death?

A: She was 73 years old.

2: What is the name of Zofia’s children?

A: Pawel Majewski (son) and Anna Majewska (Daughter).

3: What is the name of Zofia’s biography book?

A: She documentalists: Polish Women Photographers of the 20th Century.

4: Where did Zofia die?

A: Warsaw.

5: Where was Zofia buried?

A: Military Cemetery in Powazki.

6: When did Google pay tribute to Zofia?

A: April 24, 2023, on her 85th birthday.

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